College Football: 50 Things You Absolutely Will Not See in 2012

Alex Callos@@alexcallosCorrespondent IApril 16, 2012

College Football: 50 Things You Absolutely Will Not See in 2012

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    The start of the college football season is still a few months away, but it is never too early to talk football.

    With 2012 on the horizon, there are definitely things that we are certain to see once the season begins. Things such as Alabama and LSU in the top five to begin the season, for example.

    There are also, however, things that we are certain not to see in 2012. These things are so far fetched and unbelievable that they are virtually guaranteed never to happen. 

    Here are 50 things that we will definitely not see this upcoming football season.

A Big East Team in the Top 10

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    With the departure of West Virginia to the Big 12, the Big East will likely not have anybody in the preseason top 25 and rightfully so.

    There is just not a lot of talent coming back and the Mountaineers would have been the cream of the crop of the conference.

    Boise State is still one year away from joining, so as it stands now the conference is wide open.

    Just don't expect any of those teams to be too good and certainly not top-10 material.

A BCS National Championship Game Without an SEC Team

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    As winners of the past five national championships it will be almost impossible next season to have a national championship game without a team from the SEC.

    After all, the SEC Championship is a national semifinal game right?

    Between LSU, Alabama and Georgia one of those teams will finish the season with one loss or undefeated and play for the BCS National Championship, if not two.

A Calm Brian Kelly on the Sidelines

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    Nobody in college football needs to take a chill pill like Brian Kelly, and odds are next season he will be just as angry and out of control as ever.

    Kelly is not afraid to curse and for those who can read lips, he offers a treat for viewers every game.

    While he does bring a winning attitude and a bevy of success to the Notre Dame program, that does not stop him from saying what is on his mind.

    Next season will be no different.

A Mid-Major in a BCS Game

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    With TCU now having joined the Big 12, that leaves Boise State as really the only mid-major team with a legitimate shot at making it to a BCS game.

    The only problem is, Boise State lost a lot of talent from last season and is likely to not even begin the season in the top 25.

    While they are certain to make some noise as they always do, there is definitely a loss or two early on their schedule which will eliminate them from BCS contention.

Ron Zook or Rick Neuheisel Running a Program

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    After struggling mightily at their respective programs over the past few seasons, Ron Zook and Rick Neuheisel are certain to be on the outside looking in this season when it comes to the coaching aspect.

    While both may be hired a few years down the road at smaller schools, there is no chance either of these two will be coaching on the sidelines in 2012.

    Broadcasting may be in their immediate future.

Tyrann Mathieu as a Heisman Finalist

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    Tyrann Mathieu was the most explosive player in college football last season and a Heisman finalist.

    Putting up a season like that again in 2012 will be nearly impossible and returning to New York for the Heisman ceremonies will be even more far-fetched.

    Mathieu struggled in the national championship, and while he is still one of the most talented players in the country, it is unlikely he will be in Heisman contention this coming season.

Montee Ball Scoring 40 Touchdowns

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    Montee Ball was a beast last season and is likely the best running back in college football.

    He had 39 touchdowns, tying Barry Sanders for the all-time record. Don't expect him to repeat number like that next season.

    With some losses along the offensive line, along with quarterback Russell Wilson no longer in the fold, teams will be able to concentrate a little more on Ball in 2012.

    Next season he will be great, but 40 touchdowns seems out of the question.

Bobby Petrino Coaching in College

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    It may be a little too early for this, but there is no chance we will see former Arkansas head coach Bobby Petrino on a college football sideline next year.

    After what has transpired over the past few weeks, Petrino has severely tarnished his legacy and will likely find it hard to ever coach again at the college level.

    That is not to say he will not find a place somewhere in the NFL.

Ohio State in a Bowl Game

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    For the past few years it was USC, and now it will be Ohio State suffering through a season of bowl ineligibility.

    Urban Meyer certainly did not believe there would be a bowl ban when he took the job at Ohio State, but either way, the Buckeyes will be fun to watch in 2012.

    While we do not know where they will end up record wise, we do know there is no bowl game in their future. At least in 2012.

An ACC Team Giving Up 70 Points in the Orange Bowl

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    There is no way another ACC team could give up 70 points in any bowl game let alone the Orange Bowl. Particularly with West Virginia now in the Big 12 and unlikely to play there this year.

    If Clemson returns to the Orange Bowl, which is possible, they will likely be playing a subpar Big East team and certainly will not give up 70 points like they did last year.

    For something like that to happen again would be truly amazing.

A Boring Oregon Offense

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    Even though Oregon lost a little bit of talent on offense, they still have a lot coming back and even if they didn't with Chip Kelly still running the show there is no question it will be a high-flying, fun offense to watch.

    The Ducks make running the football fun and everyone on their team looks like they have Olympic speed.

    With playmakers like Kenjon Barner and De'Anthony Thomas coming back, boring will not be the word to describe the Ducks offense next season.

A Newcomer Winning Their Conference

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    With all the conference realignment, there are a multiple teams joining new conferences, but none of them will be able to win their new league in 2012.

    Missouri and Texas A&M are longshots in the SEC as is Temple in the Big East.

    TCU and West Virginia are new to the Big 12 and while the Mountaineers may have a slim shot, the defense will likely be their downfall.

    Don't look for any of these newcomers to be at the top of their conference next season.

Charlie Weis Winning in Kansas

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    Charlie Weis is trying to resurrect a Kansas program that has been non-existent for a while now.

    Turner Gill was unable to take them out of the doldrums, and odds are Weis will not be able to either, at least not as early as next season.

    While he brings some excitement to Lawrence, there is no chance the Jayhawks will be able to post a winning season in 2012, at least not with the depth and talent in the Big 12.

A Heisman Winner Outside a BCS Conference

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    With the direction college football is going in, the major conferences are getting stronger and stronger.

    That means there will be less talent at the mid-major level and less of a chance for these players to be Heisman contenders.

    The talent just is not there at most of these schools to warrant a Heisman trophy winner.

Oklahoma State in a BCS Bowl Game

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    Oklahoma State was dominant last season and could have easily been granted a shot to play for the national championship.

    They were not, and instead had to settle for a Fiesta Bowl victory.

    With most of the talent having moved on to the NFL, it is highly unlikely that the Cowboys will qualify for a BCS game and even finish in the top half of the Big 12 next season.

Vanderbilt Winning the SEC

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    Winning the SEC is one of the hardest things in college football to do, and while Vanderbilt certainly took some steps in the right direction last season, they are still a ways away from contending for an SEC title.

    They are certainly not the only team that is not going to win the SEC, but they are one of the farthest away.

    Head coach James Franklin has done a great job, and Vanderbilt will likely continue to improve for years to come.

No Head Coches Fired During the Season

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    As always, there are a lot of college football coaches on the hot seat, and it is almost impossible to go through an entire college football season without somebody biting the dust.

    2012 will be no different as coaches all over the country will fight to hold onto their jobs.

    Good luck to all those on the hot seat. They are certainly going to need it.

West Virginia in the Big East

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    While it was not known officially until a few months ago that West Virginia would be jumping ship early and heading from the Big East to the Big 12, it is now official and the Mountaineers will not be playing in the Big East this upcoming season.

    That is a devastating blow to a football conference in desperate need of some talent and now even worse for wear than they were last season.

    Hello Temple and goodbye to West Virginia for the Big East.

Nebraska Becoming a Passing Team

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    Nebraska has seemingly always been a running team, and 2012 will be no different, particularly with Taylor Martinez still running the show. 

    The Cornhuskers transitioned well into the Big Ten last season and will likely be even a little better this year.

    Their success however will hinge on their running game, so don't expect too many passes being tossed around in Lincoln.

A Playoff

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    It would just be too good to be true and possibly make a little too much sense.

    Someday we will see a playoff, but 2012 will not be that time, so just hang tight until college football finally figures out what everybody else already has.

    Get a playoff already...please.

Kellen Moore in a Boise State Uniform

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    Kellen Moore played at least five or six seasons at Boise State, right?

    Moore was seemingly starring for the Broncos for nearly a decade, and he has finally moved on.

    It will be weird to see the Broncos take the field without Moore leading the way. Will they be able to continue their success without him?

Rich Rodriguez Winning More Games Than Brady Hoke

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    After a season on the sidelines, Rich Rodriguez is now taking over the Arizona program.

    Arizona has struggled in recent years and winning there will be a little more difficult than winning at West Virginia or Michigan was for Rodriguez.

    Just how much success he will have remains to be seen, but one thing is certain. He will not win as many games as Brady Hoke will this year at his old school Michigan.

College Gameday at a Big East Game

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    College Gameday travels all over the college football landscape on a weekly basis, going from one big game to another.

    They will make about 15 stops on the season, but odds are they will not find themselves in Big East territory in 2012 or any time soon for that matter. 

    It is hard enough to get the Gameday crew to go out west for a Pac-12 game, so getting them to go to a Big East matchup will be nearly impossible in 2012.

Repeat Success for Baylor

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    The Baylor Bears had a year to remember in 2012, thanks almost solely to Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III and a great set of skill players.

    With Griffin III now having moved on to the NFL, it will be almost impossible for Baylor to repeat the success they had last season.

    Winning six or seven games may be possible, but 10 is stretching it for the Bears.

1000 Receiving Yards for a Tight End

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    Tyler Eifert filled in nicely for the Fighting Irish last season after previous tight end Kyle Rudolph left early for the NFL draft.

    He went over 800 yards receiving and was the top tight end in the country.

    With the direction college football is headed, seeing a tight end go over 1,000 yards is highly unlikely next season.

    But, if somebody is going to do it, this is the guy.

    Just don't count on it.

Mike Leach Having a Winning Season

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    Mike Leach has finally found a home as the coach of the Washington State Cougars and he certainly has his work cut out for him.

    Last season the Cougars went 4-8 and lost seven of their final eight games.

    They like to throw the ball and Leach will try to institute a high-flying offense.

    Winning seven games next season will be next to impossible for Leach and the Cougars.

Jim Tressel Dotting the "I" in Script Ohio

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    Dotting the "I" is a long standing Ohio State football tradition and every once in a while the university invites a famous alumni or somebody of local importance to dot the "I".

    Let's just say there is no chance that man will be former head coach Jim Tressel in 2012.

    After what Tressel did to the Buckeyes and all of the pain he put the university through, it will be a long time before he is warmly welcomed back on campus.

A Bounce Back Year in Gainesville

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    Urban Meyer knew just when to get out at Florida and Will Muschamp certainly has his hands full.

    Florida went 7-6 last season and don't expect them to do much better this season with all the talent in the SEC.

    The Gators will have to find a suitable replacement for quarterback John Brantley and while there is a lot of talent on defense, they will have a lot of questions at the skill positions, particularly with Chris Rainey and Jeff Demps now having moved on.

    Six wins seems a little more realistic.

A Completely Accurate Preseason Poll

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    No matter what year it is, the preseason college football polls are never completely accurate. While they do tend to get most of it right, there is always a team that is left off or ranked way too low who turns out to surprise everyone.

    Who will that team be this year? Last year there were a few.

    Who it will be in 2012 is not yet known, but we do know somebody will be ranked a little too high and somebody else a little too low.

Les Miles Not Eating Grass

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    There is absolutely no chance we can go through an entire college football season without Les Miles chewing on a little grass.

    After all, that is what he does when the nerves get to him.

    Over/under for how many games he will be pulling up a little grass to chop on it is three. You make the bet.

Boise State in the Big East

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    The Big East will have to wait at least one more year until they finally get a team with a solid national reputation and enough talent to help them retain their AQ status.

    Boise State is set to join the Big East in the 2013-2014 year and until then, the Big East will have to continue to take a beating from the national media every week.

Another Florida State Choke Job

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    The Florida State Seminoles have been slightly disappointing each of the past two seasons, and 2012 is finally the year where they will live up to expectations.

    Now, that does not mean they will be playing for a national championship, but an ACC Championship is in the works.

    There is too much talent on defense and too many solid recruiting classes not to win 11 games and qualify for a BCS Bowl game.

Terry Bowden Bringing a Winner to Akron

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    Terry Bowden is a big name for a team like Akron to get, but that does not mean he is going to bring a winning culture and tradition to the Zips program.

    Akron only won one game last season and things are likely not to get much better this season, even with Bowden leading the way.

    A few years from now Akron could be a factor in the MAC, but don't expect that to happen anytime soon.

A Michigan Victory in Dallas

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    Denard Robinson and the Michigan offense had limited success in the Sugar Bowl against Virginia Tech, so don't expect them to be able to do much of anything against Alabama in the season opener.

    The Crimson Tide and Wolverines will hook up in Dallas for the biggest game during the first week of the season and a Michigan victory would be nothing short of shocking.

    Look for Alabama to end the Michigan national title hopes before they even begin.

Arkansas Recovering to Contend for an SEC Title

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    Even with all of the talent the Arkansas football team has, picturing them recovering from what has happened and winning an SEC title seems a little far-fetched.

    They still certainly have the talent to win 10 games, but losing Petrino is a big blow to the program.

    How they will recover from it remains to be seen, but a conference championship is not in the cards for the Razorbacks.

Matt Barkley Not Being a Heisman Finalist

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    Matt Barkley finished sixth last season in the Heisman balloting, and with the top three in last year's Heisman race now having moved on to the NFL, Barkley is the leading contender.

    Even though Montee Ball and Tyrann Mathieu are back in 2012, the Heisman is Barkley's to lose.

    The senior will be leading the most explosive attack in the country and next season will be the best quarterback in the country.

    Recent history shows that the best quarterback in the country usually wins the Heisman.

A Big 12 Championship Game

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    The Big 12 is still years away from having enough teams to once again have a championship game.

    This is something that is sorely missed in a league that has as much talent as anybody outside of the SEC.

    Hopefully the conference can add two more teams and get back to their old ways of having a conference championship.

    For now we will just have to wait and see.

A Bad Alabama Defense

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    With a lot of talent from the Alabama defense having moved on to the NFL, it would be easy to say that they are going to struggle on that side of the ball in 2012.

    That could not be farther from the truth.

    This group is as talented as ever and will once again lead the Crimson Tide to the top of the SEC and national rankings.

The Miami Hurricanes Having a Successful Season

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    With everything that is happening right now at the University of Miami, it is hard to imagine the Hurricanes having a successful season next year.

    They won six games last year and winning more than that will be highly unlikely in 2012 with everything going on with the program.

    A successful season would constitute eight wins, and I do not see that happening in South Beach.

The Big East Gaining Any Restpect

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    Cincinnati head coach Butch Jones can yell and scream all he wants, but the Big East is still not going to get any respect nationally and frankly, they do not deserve much.

    Jones and the rest of the coaches in the conference will have to earn some respect on the field during the non-conference portion of the schedule.

    Good luck on that. It is going to take more than one year to win over the national media.

Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge Without 5-Yard Hash Marks

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    Nothing is like the yard marks at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge.

    This field is different from any other in the country and odds are it is not going to change at all in 2012.

    The five-yard markers make is unique and allow it to stand out from anywhere else in the country. Expect those same excellent yard markers in 2012.

A Pac-12 Championship Not Involving Oregon and USC

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    USC and Oregon are not only the two best teams in the Pac-12, but are also two of the top five teams in the country.

    The chances of them not playing for the Pac-12 championship are very minimal and with Stanford as the only team that could possibly stand in their way, the Ducks and Trojans appear to be on a collision course.

    My bet is on these two teams to play for the Pac-12 championship

Georgia Not Winning the SEC East

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    With so much talent in the SEC West, Georgia is head and shoulders above the teams in the SEC East.

    The Bulldogs will have to get by South Carolina, but no other major force stands in their way.

    It would be hard to imagine them not playing for the SEC title again this season, particularly with the talent of Aaron Murray at quarterback and all of the players coming back on defense.

Green Turf in Boise

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    The Boise State Broncos are known for a lot of things, and blue turf is still one of them.

    Before they were even a football powerhouse, the school was known for the blue turf and being the home of the Humanitarian Bowl.

    Now the Broncos are a national power, and the blue turf remains.

    What is affectionately known as 'Smurf Turf' will still be around in 2012 and beyond. That is a certainty.

Another Season Like Cam Newton or Robert Griffin III

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    After the season Cam Newton had in 2010, it was hard to imagine a quarterback putting up numbers like that in 2011.

    Well, Robert Griffin nearly did it last season, and for it to happen again in 2012 will be unimaginable.

    Odds are some quarterbacks will have excellent seasons, but nobody will come close to the numbers these two dual-threat quarterbacks put up.

A Defensive Player Winning the Heisman

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    Tyrann Mathieu came about as close as possible last season to winning the Heisman Trophy as any defensive player could.

    Now he will have to have an even better season in 2012 to be a Heisman finalist.

    In recent years, it has become more and more evident that a defensive player will not be able to win the Heisman.

    2012 will further prove that claim.

Notre Dame Being Underrated in the Preseason Polls

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    No matter what Notre Dame does the previous season, or what talent they have coming back, it seems like the national media and all of the writers want the Fighting Irish to be a national contender.

    That almost always leads to them being ranked too high to start the season.

    2012 will be no different as Notre Dame will likely find themselves in the top 25 before the season begins even though they may not have the talent to deserve to be there.

A Conservative Offense for Ohio State

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    With Jim Tressel running the show for the past decade, the Ohio State offense was conservative, to say the least.

    Expect that to take a 180 and change completely next season.

    The spread offense that Urban Meyer will bring to the program will certainly make things more interesting in Columbus and the Buckeyes along with their fans should expect to put some points on the board next season and in years to come.

A High Flying Passing Attack for LSU

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    With four serviceable running backs and a lot of questions from the quarterback position, it is safe to say there will not be a lot of passes flying around next season in Baton Rouge.

    Georgia transfer Zach Mettenberger will likely be running the show, but with such a strong running game, the Tigers are unlikely to be taking too many risks.

    A strong defense and talent along the lines means the Tigers will be giving teams a steady dose of ball control in 2012.

A BCS National Championship Without Controversy

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    No matter what year it is and who is playing, it always seems like there is some type of controversy surrounding the BCS National Championship, and 2012 will be no different.

    With SEC fans always backing their conference no matter what, and fans of other conferences trying to overcome the SEC, college football has never been better.

    In 2012, expect much of the same from the fans and a little controversy from the BCS.