Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Arizona Cardinals: The Be All End All

steve ryanContributor IJanuary 22, 2009

the NFL 2008 season was like no other, with alot of moments happening for the 16 weeks and than the play offs. Moments like Detroit going 0-16 which wasn't really a good moment but it gave them a wake up call. Also Tennessee going 10-0 before their loss to the jets.

now that the regular season is over we moved on to the playoffs were no one knew who was going to win. on the AFC side we were all looking towards the titans for the win but when the ravens defeated them well that dream was shattered. on the NFC side more of the fans were looking at the panthers to go all the way, but when the cardinals beat them that was over too.

When it came down to the final four, the Steelers, Ravens, Cardinals, and the Eagles, it was way to hard to call who would make it. but then the Steelers beat off the ravens and the cardinals shocked America by taking down the eagles for the conference title.

now it was the moment of truth, Super Bowl 43, were it would be the Pittsburgh Steelers taking on the Arizona cardinals at Raymond James stadium on Feb 1. their has been some controversy going around saying that the cardinals will take down the Steelers. their is no way that this could be true.

For the cardinals this is their first Super Bowl appearance so they could possibly choke. for along time now they haven't even taken on the Steelers so they have no idea what their in for. on the NFL homepage, the poles of who's going to win the Super Bowl favors the Steelers with 56%.

And for a favorite team in the Superbowl the Steelers also have that by seven. So when it comes down to the wire I would have to say that the Steelers could take their sixth Super Bowl win over the Cardinals.