6 Biggest Strengths and Weaknesses of Donte Paige-Moss' Game

James Christensen@@nepatriotsdraftContributor IApril 20, 2012

6 Biggest Strengths and Weaknesses of Donte Paige-Moss' Game

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    North Carolina defensive end Donte Paige-Moss started off as a first or second-round pick on many boards when the initial 2012 NFL Draft rankings came out last May.

    However, after a disappointing season ending in injury and embarrassment, Paige-Moss barely made our 2012 NFL Draft DE Rankings at all.

    Read on for Paige-Moss' six biggest strengths and weaknesses.

Strength: Physicality

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    When Paige-Moss plays with discipline, he is able to create a lot of power and impose his physical will on opponents. He can set a new line of scrimmage, shed and make the tackle, but it happens far too infrequently.

    If his motor and attitude never catch up to his talent, it will be an incredible waste.

Strength: Frame

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    Paige-Moss measured in at 6'3" and 268 pounds at the 2012 NFL Combine. He also sported 33" arms and massive 10-plus inch hands. 

    That is the body of an NFL defensive end.

    He wasn't able to demonstrate his athleticism at the combine due to an injury. However, he has shown above average—but not elite—athletic skills on tape. Teams will have to rely on the tape to judge what Paige-Moss can do.

Strength: Potential and Upside

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    As you'll see in the next few slides, Paige-Moss is anything but a safe prospect. If you're looking for a pick with some upside late in the draft though, he looks pretty attractive.

    He flashes the ability to shed blockers and make plays in the backfield. If he actually wants to improve, he certainly has the ability to do so.

Weakness: Inconsistency

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    If you think fellow UNC defensive end Quinton Coples displayed inconsistency, Paige-Moss takes it to a new level.

    He looked lazy at times—almost content to be blocked. His pad level was atrocious and was washed out of way too many plays for a prospect with his size and athleticism.

Weakness: Character Issues

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    In addition to an incident where he punched a fellow recruit before his freshman season (via the Hearld Sun) Paige-Moss went on an epic twitter rant following his team's bowl game that should raise a lot of concerns among NFL teams.

    Paige-Moss questioned the bowl game, the city, his coaches and North Carolina fans. As for personal accountability, that was nowhere to be found.

Weakness: Medical Issues

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    Paige-Moss suffered a torn ACL during the last game of the 2011 season. Inexplicably, he then chose to declare for the NFL Draft.

    With very little positives on tape during his last college season and no workouts to show teams what he can do, he shouldn't expect to get his name called in the first five or six rounds of the 2012 NFL Draft.