Boldin Brushes Off Blowup

NFLGridironGabSenior Analyst IJanuary 22, 2009

For those that want to keep pressing Cardinals receiver Anquan Boldin for being mad during the NFC Title game last Sunday, leave him alone.

While he had a sideline spat with offensive coordinator Todd Haley, as far as Boldin in concerned, it’s a dead issue.

“I don’t want to sit here and dwell on it because that is something that is in the past,” Boldin said. “It’s something that goes on every week in the NFL, whether people know it or not. Once it’s all done, it’s dead on both sides. It’s not something I wish to dwell on and it’s not something I’ll let distract this team.”

Because of what was shown on the camera, it semeed like a big deal because it looked like a pretty heated debate between Haley and Boldin. The team has stated very little about the incident and Boldin’s statement is the first of what has come of it. There was a report that the wide reciever didn’t take part in the on-field celebration or the locker room party that was on-going as the team celebrated their first trip to the big game.

“I just tried to avoid this,” Boldin said with a laugh. “Me leaving, earlier than everyone else, seems to have made it worse. There are only two teams left now, all the attention is on those two teams. The attention has grown. Do you have to be careful? I guess so, but at the same time, you can’t alter who you are.”

I guess that means that Boldin can’t stop being a hot head. He has already caused enough distraction with plenty of time to go before the kickoff of the biggest game in the franchise history.