Pac-12 Football: Ranking the Best Uniforms in the Conference

Joe PenkalaCorrespondent IApril 19, 2012

Pac-12 Football: Ranking the Best Uniforms in the Conference

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    When you look at the Pac-12 conference, there are teams with traditional uniform combinations that are recognized around the nation. There also are teams with boring and outdated looks, newly redone uniforms and then Oregon is in its own category. 

    With the addition of Colorado and Utah, the conference has some fresh blood that has expanded the conference to 12 teams and expanded the competition on and off the field.

    Here is a look at how these teams stack up against each other based on what they are wearing when they head out onto the field. 

No. 12: Oregon State

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    At the bottom of the Pac-12 are the Oregon State Beavers.

    The Beavers have a mix of black, orange and white throughout their uniforms, and it is often not a good look. When the Beavers put on their orange jerseys and black pants, the only time it doesn't look awful is around Halloween. 

No. 11: Washington State

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    While Washington State's uniforms are fairly simple, they do get credit for one thing: The way that the school utilized its initials into its logo was very slick and something that often goes overlooked. 

    Sometimes simple can be great, but in this case, the Cougars come up a bit short. 

No. 10: Colorado

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    Speaking of simple, next up is Colorado.

    Colorado is new to the Pac-12 as of last year, and while they are not competitive on the field, the Buffaloes are also not that competitive with their uniforms. 

    Much like the Cougars, Colorado's look is very simple and has not changed a whole lot. With their new conference, they may want to consider a new look. 

No. 9: Washington

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    While Washington mainly goes with its purple, gold and white colors, its best look has to be this all-black look from last season. With the combination of the black pants, jersey and gold helmet, the Huskies have a good look to go with.

No. 8: Utah

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    Unlike Colorado, Utah makes its way toward the middle of the pack.

    Utah was also new to the conference last year, but had more success than the Buffaloes. 

    For Utah, red and white are its main colors, but occasionally—like most teams—the Utes bring out a look that includes black and it works out well for them. 

No. 7: Arizona

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    Arizona's uniforms aren't great, but they aren't bad either. The Wildcats' best look is when they go with the all-white look from head to toe. 

    Along with the all-white look, things are also looking up when the Wildcats use their blue uniforms, but they need to find a way to steer clear of their red combination. 

No. 6: Stanford

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    While other teams have come across as simple and boring, the Stanford Cardinal are classic and find themselves in the middle of the Pac-12. 

    With the combination of Cardinal red and white, Stanford has a great uniform and has done so without having to change anything. 

No. 5: Cal

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    While Cal has made some updates to its uniforms, the colors have remained unchanged. The Golden Bears have a quality look, and with their blue and gold color scheme, any combination they put together is generally a winner. 

No. 4: Arizona State

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    While some may not like the changes that came to the Arizona State look last year, they are among some of the better looking uniforms in the Pac-12.

    With their new logo and look, the Sun Devils are one of the nation's teams that has gone with an all-black combination, and it is killer. With the shade of yellow that is in their jerseys, this combination looks terrific. 

No. 3: USC

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    USC is almost like having a No. 2b to UCLA, but the Trojans' uniforms have one of the most classic looks in the nation.

    With all of the changes that teams have made, going to alternates and redesigned uniforms, the Trojans have remained close to their original unis and are recognizable around the nation. 

No. 2: UCLA

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    No. 2 in the Pac-12 are the UCLA Bruins.

    When the Bruins put together this blue and gold combination, it is one of the nation's best looks. The most mesmerizing view is when they take on USC, and both teams wear their traditional uniforms. 

    While the Bruins may be toward the bottom of the Pac-12 rankings, they are near the top of the conference for how they look coming onto the field. 

No. 1: Oregon

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    The advantage that Oregon has is the fact that it has so many different looks and combinations to choose from that one of them had to end up at the top of the list. 

    With thousands of combination possibilities, the Ducks are the envy of the nation when it comes to uniform options. 

    From their all-white Storm Trooper uniforms, to their all-black jerseys and even their traditional green uniforms with mirror helmet, the Ducks have plenty of options to lead the way.