2012 NFL Draft Predictions: 9 NFL Teams That Will Waste Their Picks

Eli Nachmany@EliNachmanyCorrespondent IIIApril 13, 2012

2012 NFL Draft Predictions: 9 NFL Teams That Will Waste Their Picks

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    Teams like the New York Giants and New England Patriots got to the top of the NFL's pecking order by drafting well.

    Mediocre NFL teams are typically the ones that don't draft well, so we count down nine teams that will continue the trend in 2012.

    Hopefully, your team doesn't make the list of the nine that will waste their picks in the 2012 NFL Draft.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    This draft could get bad from the team's first pick and only get worse from there.

    With the fifth pick, there's no real fit for Tampa Bay and I can't see the organization being able to pull in any players that will make a big impact in 2011.

    The Buccaneers have underachieved recently in the draft, getting a mediocre quarterback in Josh Freeman and a subpar defensive core to boot.

Jacksonville Jaguars

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    Over the last two years, the Jaguars have had a penchant for trying to be the surprise team of the draft in selecting Tyson Alualu and Blaine Gabbert.

    The team is mired in misery at this point, and having a new, intrusive owner can't bode well for the franchise.

    Look for the Jaguars to follow up their 2011 debacle with a poor 2012 draft class.

Miami Dolphins

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    With a lot of Dolphin fans clamoring general manager Jeff Ireland to be fired, Miami's picks may become very fan-friendly.

    Instead of making smart picks, Ireland could try to quell the fan base by bringing in a franchise quarterback (Ryan Tannehill) with the eighth selection.

    Ireland is stuck between a rock and a hard place. If he makes smart picks and angers the fans, he may lose his job now, but if he makes silly picks and calms the fans for now, he'll lose his job later.

Arizona Cardinals

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    I can't see the Arizona Cardinals getting a good value pick with the 13th overall selection.

    The franchise won't be able to get the starting left tackle it so urgently needs, and it also won't come away from this draft with any wideout to do work opposite Larry Fitzgerald.

    While they're headed in the right direction, Arizona can't really do well in this draft given their circumstances and overall selection.

New York Jets

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    While they've hit it big on some players like Darrelle Revis and D'Brickshaw Ferguson, the Jets haven't been able to find consistent success in the draft.

    Coach Rex Ryan tends to ignore pressing needs in favor of drafting players he falls in love with, which is not necessarily a good thing.

    The "other" New York football team is struggling to find its identity, and this draft certainly won't help matters.

San Diego Chargers

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    The front office combination of AJ Smith and Norv Turner is getting stale, and the duo hasn't drafted well recently.

    In the interest of making one last playoff run with the current group, Smith could very well reach to get Philip Rivers a new weapon.

    This team has pressing issues along their offensive and defensive lines, but the Charger front office could try to be too flashy and end up ruining their draft.

Oakland Raiders

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    New general manager Reggie McKenzie seems to not pay too much mind to the fact that the Raiders have no picks until the fifth round.

    McKenzie says that he can find players like he did in Green Bay (he gave examples like Mark Tauscher and Donald Driver), but without the great scouting team that the Packers have, it's doubtful McKenzie can repeat the achievement.

    The Raiders will be pressing to make the most of their picks and will end up getting nothing out of the selections.

Atlanta Falcons

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    The Falcons traded a lot of selections to grab wide receiver Julio Jones in the 2011 draft, and now they face the consequences.

    Without a first-rounder, the team will have to try to find second- or third-round value at weak positions in the draft like safety and linebacker.

    Look for the team to walk away from the 2012 draft dissatisfied with their new players, as there is no way that the team can land any sort of need-based talent with their selections.

Houston Texans

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    The Texans will be pressing to find a receiver who can play opposite of Andre Johnson—this could be their downfall.

    Biting the bait on a raw player like Kendall Wright or Stephen Hill could set this franchise back after all of their losses in free agency and trades.

    Look for Houston to have a tough time resisting the urge to waste their picks on flash-in-the-pan type players.


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