WWE Royal Rumble Preview

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WWE Royal Rumble Preview

As every WWE fan should know by now, the annual Royal Rumble is coming this Sunday and so is the Royal Rumble Match. Though I must admit that the card looks weak, we should see some decent matches to go along with the stellar Rumble Match.

The main objective to make the Rumble a success is to not overbook every match's ending (TNA). If they don't, we cold see a stellar pay-per-view this Sunday.

Now on to the match card.

Match No. 1 - Beth Phoenix vs. Melina Women's Championship.

Ok, this match could be a great contest between two of the best WWE Divas today with a good combination of strength and speed, but the key word of this is once again overbooking. I'm talking about five minutes into the match until Mickie Jam... sorry Rosa Mendez... comes out to DQ Melina so Beth retains, while after that Rosa announces herself as a WWE Diva leaving Beth in shock.

Final Prediction 5-10 minutes Melina wins by DQ

Match No. 2 - Jack Swagger vs. Matt Hardy ECW Championship

Ok, here we have a potential great match that could happen,  but does anyone really know who Jack Swagger is? Don't get me wrong, he has great talent, but no crowd response. But in the end, we see Swagger retaining because his reign isn't going to end so fast.

Final Prediction 15-20 minutes Jack Swagger retains by pinfall

Match No. 3 - Edge vs. Jeff Hardy WWE Championship

Well, here is a storyline to debut Christian Cage, which has been in my opinion very disappointing. Let's look at the past events.

First week Jeff is in a car accident which looked very pathetic and fake. Yeah, some guy in the middle of nowhere wants to tape a drug addict and his girl in a car accident.

Second week, Jeff is hurt by fireworks. Wow, they couldn't have pulled this off worse, the announcers didn't even say anything to make this look real.

When McMahon got "hurt" six months ago, they made it look very real with all the heels and faces working together as Vince refers to HHH by his real name. Now Jeff has a few friends trying to help, Vickie looks as though she didn't give a crap, and they shouldn't have kept showing replays.

In conclusion, Christian is the culprit and will interfere costing Jeff the title. So there goes Jeff's and millions of fans' dreams of a quality Jeff Hardy title run.

Final Prediction 30-45 min Edge wins by pinfall with outside help from a masked man, revealed to be Christian.

Match No. 4 John Cena vs JBL w/HBK

Now, this is a storyline that I might care to see. They have made the storyline very real except for the part were we are supposed to believe HBK is broke. Still HBK has done a great job at selling his bankruptcy and his commitment to his family.

There will not be any real quality of wrestling from JBL or Cena—the real story will be whether or not HBK will cost Cena the title Another story would be if HBK entered the Rumble later that night and won, would be great to face JBL if he won, but I believe Ceba has the better chance of winning. Final Prediction 20-30 minutes JBL will beat John Cena by pinfall.

Main Event - 30 Man Royal Rumble Match

This is without a doubt the reason, I buy the Rumble every year becase of it's fun and unpredictability, but seriously how are we supposed to know who's not going to win. The only real guys who are going in there with hype are Smackdown's Triple H and Raw's Randy Orton. But for the heck of it let's see the other canidates chances.

Santino, Cody Rhodes, Ted Dibiase, R-Truth, Rey Mysterio, Miz, Morrison, Kendrick, Kingston, Benjamin, Kozlov, Carlito, Finlay, Kane, and Mark Henry have no chance in hell.

Cm Punk, Y2J, Big Show, and Undertaker have a slim to none chance of winning


Orton and Triple H have the best chance as the plans are to have HHH vs. Edge at Wrestlemania. So it's pretty obivious Trips will win, but don't count out Randy for sure.

Final Prediction- 60-70 min Winner Triple H by eliminating Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, and Ted Dibiase

Overall this looks like a lackluster card, with a predictable Rumble winner outcome and major overbooking, I would only buy this for Christian Cage returning.

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