Golden State Warriors: 5 Players Who Won't Be Around Next Year

James Pearson@JKPIIICorrespondent IApril 13, 2012

Golden State Warriors: 5 Players Who Won't Be Around Next Year

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    The Golden State Warriors are set with their core players for next season.

    That's good because they are very close to the salary cap ceiling for next season already.

    The bench should get a lot younger next season as the Warriors have three (hopefully four) 2012 NBA draft picks who will push the older, more expensive players out the door.

    With little money to spend this offseason the Warriors will have some decisions to make to fill out their roster and here are the players who you might not see in a Warrior uniform when the 2012-13 NBA season tips off.

1. Nate Robinson

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    Nate has been great.

    Well, great at times.

    He has brought a lot of energy to every game, played hard and has been a lot of fun to watch.

    He is, however, turnover prone, he takes poor shots and his overall play is very erratic, to say the least.

    He will be a nice backup for some NBA team next season, just not for the Warriors. The play of rookie guard Charles Jenkins, combined with his minimal salary for next season, will make not retaining Robinson the easiest decision the Warriors will make all offseason.

2. Dominic McGuire

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    McGuire has shown flashes this season of being a key player off the bench. He is a good defender, rebounder and he brings in a ton of energy.

    However, his extreme lack of offensive game makes bringing him back a very low-level priority. If he is willing to accept a short-term deal, great, but if he asks for any kind of a long-term deal or any kind of raise, the Warriors should just move on.

    He is an exceptional athlete, but players like him are easily replaceable and can be found almost anywhere. Late in the first round or in the second round of this year's draft, riding on some other NBA team's bench, or where McGuire himself has played, in the NBA D-League, for example...the Warriors don't need to spend any (more) money on a "tweener" forward who shot below 40 percent from the field in his previous two seasons. 

3. Mickell Gladness

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    Honestly, would you even notice if they didn't bring him back?

    After missing out on J.J. Hickson, the Warriors signed a 6'11" center to provide depth for a team loaded with injuries. Seemed like a good idea, but nothing really has panned out.

    When Andrew Bogut comes back and with the three draft picks coming in draft, the Warriors shouldn't be pining to retain a bench player who has more fouls than points this season.

4. Brandon Rush

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    Rush has been better than anyone had expected this year and then some. He has been the perfect backup for this team.

    He has shot a high percentage on limited shots, he has been a good defender and has come in to play either wing spot with a good attitude.

    The Warriors would be lucky to have him on their team next year.

    The would a lot of other teams.

    Given his productivity and willingness to come off the bench, it wouldn't surprise me if some team offers Rush a four-year deal worth around $5 million per year.

    With Stephen Curry due an extension soon and with Dorell Wright being a free agent after next season the Warriors should stay away from any kind of long-term deal this offseason. Even if it means Rush is playing somewhere else next season.

5. Andris Biedrins

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    Well, one can hope at least.

    The Warriors had the chance to clean the slate with Biedrins last season by using their amnesty clause on him, but chose not to do it.

    Now they have the task of trying to move a bad player with an even worse contract. With Bogut soon patrolling the paint and Jeremy Tyler emerging behind him, the Warriors can actively look to deal him. Now without having to worry about leaving themselves without a post presence.

    So let's throw some gas on the trade rumor fire now to get it going early.

    This deal works!

    Here the Warriors would finally get rid of Biedrins, who desperately needs a change of scenery, for a former No. 2 overall pick, who desperately needs a change of scenery. This would be an opportunity for Marvin Williams to learn under Richard Jefferson as he could help him utilize the talents he has (had) that made him such a high draft pick.

    They would lose Dorell Wright, but with only has one year left on his deal he might not be back anyway, while gaining ZaZa Pachulia. Who would provide them with a nice big man for their rotation. The Hawks would get a center for whom they can plug in next to Al Horford, shifting more of his time at power forward, his more natural position. Plus they would add much-needed scoring in Wright.

    This is just one option of others the Warriors should be looking at to finally put an end the Biedrins era.