Jessica Dorrell and The 30 Most Infamous Mistresses in Sports

Amber LeeSports Lists Lead WriterApril 13, 2012

Jessica Dorrell and The 30 Most Infamous Mistresses in Sports

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    Ever since Bobby Petrino's affair with Jessica Dorrell came to light in the wake of his recent motorcycle accident, the illicit relationship has been dominating sports and gossip headlines alike. 

    Arkansas's termination of Petrino is by no means the final act in this drama—he can thank his bad judgment in hiring Dorrell as a member of the university's football staff for that. Oh Bobby, what in God's name were you thinking with that one?

    The Petrino scandal is still developing, but the nude photos that are allegedly on the way to the interwebs could be the last straw for Bobby's wife, Becky. Personally, I'm hoping the public dodges a bullet on this one. 

    This whole mess is the scandal of the moment, but it's certainly not the first of its kind. In fact, it's so frequent that "celebrity mistress" is a category of fame (infamy) all unto itself these days.

    So where will Jessica Dorrell rank among sports many mistresses of the past? In terms of infamy, probably pretty high by the time this is all settled.

    Let's take a look at Dorrell and 30 of sports' most infamous mistresses.

Jessica Dorrell

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    Jessica Dorrell is at the center of the scandal that cost University of Arkansas head coach Bobby Petrino his job. Petrino's appearance after his recent motorcycle accident was jarring enough, but news that he had a 25-year-old coed on the back of his bike certainly upped the drama. 

    Now it seems that the two exchanged thousands of texts in the months prior to the accident as well as a few potentially graphic photos. Looks like things are going to get worse for everyone involved before they get any better. 

    She's not ranked on this list because we don't know exactly where she's going to end up—something tells me she's a top 5 contender, though.

30. Holly Sampson

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    Holly Sampson is a porn star and former legit actress who once appeared in the classic television show The Wonder Years. She's also a card-carrying member of the "I slept with a married Tiger Woods" club—not a small club by any means. 

    Unlike many of the other women who came forward, Sampson and Woods didn't carry on a longstanding affair, they just shared one "beautiful" night together. Sampson said of the encounter, "It was a very sensual, beautiful experience. I wanted to give him a birthday to remember."

    I'm sure she did. 

29. Jessica Burciaga

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    In December 2011, Kobe Bryant's wife (of over a decade) Vanessa filed for divorce from the Lakers superstar, citing his infidelity as the catalyst. Kobe has been known to step out on his wife over the years, but it's been kept relatively quiet. 

    Playboy Playmate Jessica Burciaga was named as one of the other women in Kobe's life, right around the time Vanessa filed for divorce. Burciaga denied any involvement with Kobe, but it was reported by a number of media outlets.

28. Deanna Merryman

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    Before settling down with his second wife, model Ingrid Vandebosch, Jeff Gordon was involved with another model—former Playboy model Deanna Merryman. Too bad that his relationship with Merryman overlapped significantly with his marriage to his first wife, Brooke. 

    There weren't a lot of details of the alleged affair that came to light, but Merryman (a former stripper) alleged that the affair had lasted 11 months and that Gordon was still together with his wife at the time. 

27. Mary Jane (aka Alexis Miller)

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    In 2008, NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neal was involved in an affair with Atlanta-area rapper MaryJane (aka Alexis Miller) and based on reports from the time, it looks like things got entirely out of hand. 

    After ending their affair, MaryJane filed for a restraining order against Shaq, alleging he threatened to "blackball" her from the recording industry in addition to sending her threatening emails. 

26. Jaimee Grubbs

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    Former waitress and cast member of VH1's Tool Academy Jaimee Grubbs is just one of over a dozen women who came forward about her relationship with Tiger Woods in the wake of his infamous car crash that preceded the initial revelation. 

    Grubbs was one of the first women to come forward and released to the media text messages that she and Woods had exchanged . 

25. Aleea Lee

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    Former Cowboys star Deion "Primetime" Sanders is currently in the midst of a contentious divorce from his wife Pilar. Deion's alleged infidelities are at the center of the of the situation, which is getting uglier by the day. 

    In March 2012, Pilar's attorney filed a motion in court alleging that Deion had been trying to prevent his mistresses—including Aleea Stanton—from being questioned in the divorce case. They accused Deion of trying to bribe the women into keeping their mouths shut. 

    So far it's worked, but Pilar is attempting to challenge the couple's prenuptial agreement on grounds of infidelity, so we haven't heard the last of this.

24. Sonia Wild

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    British model Sonia Wild was the woman at the center of the very messy cheating scandal of footballer Ashley Cole in early 2010. Actually, I should say she was just one of many women involved and it was Ashley and his poor wife Cheryl who were the at the center of the latest cheating scandal. 

    Cole reportedly sent naked photos of himself to Wild on a few occasions and the two reportedly exchanged suggestive text messages. Cole confessed to taking the photos of himself, but (naturally) denied sending them to the model—he claimed that he sent them to a close male friend…

    What, don't you send naked photos of yourself to your homeboys?

23. Latosha Lee

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    It was reported in 2009 that aspiring actress Latosha Lee had relationships with NBA players Shaquille O'Neal and Damien Wilkins—apparently Lee and Wilkins actually have a child together. 

    I'm sure Shaq's wife (at the time) Shaunie appreciates that he didn't father a child with Lee. But despite being married, Shaq was reportedly upset that Lee "cheated" on him during their affair. 

22. Michelle Money

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    In January 2011, Michelle Money, a 30-year-old hair stylist and (then) current contestant on ABC's plague on humanity The Bachelor, confessed to Life & Style magazine that she had an affair with NBA star Carlos Boozer.

    Boozer was still with his wife at the time, but they have since divorced. There's no reason to doubt her story given the behavior, but the self-serving revelation and "apology" five years later rang just a bit hollow. 

21. Candice Houlihan

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    In 2008, it was reported that Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez had a two night with stripper Candice Houlihan in 2004—surprising absolutely no one…except for maybe his wife at the time, Cynthia Scurits. 

    Houlihan actually "sided" with Scurtis in the divorce, insisting that "a leopard doesn't change its spots" and that she was "doing the smart thing." Ha, I'm sure Scurtis truly appreciated the support from the woman who banged her husband. 

20. Joslyn James

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    Ah yes, porn star Joslyn James was yet another one of Tiger Woods' many lady friends.

    James was responsible for the release of some of the most graphic and damming evidence against Woods and even alleged that he impregnated her twice over the course of their affair. 

    The text messages between the two that James released were extremely graphic and definitely showed a side to Woods that he would have rather remained private.

19. Carolyn Hughes

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    In 2005, it was reported that very married Carolyn Hughes, (then) the co-host of the Dodgers pregame and postgame shows on FSN West, was having an affair with Derek Lowe, very married pitcher of the Dodgers. 

    Hughes was taken off the air for a period of time while the affair was investigated, but that didn't cool the affair. Actually, nothing cooled the affair—eventually they both divorced and wed each other in 2008. 

18. Vanessa Curry

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    Former Laker Girl Vanessa Curry was one of the first Kobe Bryant mistresses to be named publicly. TheDirty posted a photo of Curry in 2008, alleging that she had an affair with Kobe. She resigned her position with the Lakers around the same time. 

    Kobe's attorney sent a letter to the TheDirty, demanding that the post about the affair be taken down—naturally, the letter was met with the usual snicker from the site's founder, Nik Ritchie. 

    Curry used her newfound fame as a springboard into an entertainment career—she was announced as one of the Pussycat Dolls' new members in 2010. 

17. Zahia Dehar

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    Former underage French prostitute Zahia Dehar has been the other woman in the marriages of countless footballers. She had admitted to a number of encounters, most notably with French football stars Franck Ribery, Karim Benzema and Sidney Govou. 

    Since gaining notoriety for her dalliances, Dehar has been able to transition into a career as a successful model. She has recently walked the runways of Paris for designers like Karl Lagerfeld and Jean-Pierre Ollier. 

16. Loredana Jolie

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    Loredana Jolie isn't just any of Tiger Woods' giant pile of disposable lady friends, she was reportedly "one of his favorites." One of his favorites? Must be nice to be the kind, eh, Tiger?

    Jolie alleged a number of details about Woods' sexual appetite, including that his fantasies were "not normal" and that he "liked role-playing" and "would engage in sex from 9 p.m. until the sun came up the next morning."

15. Erin Barry

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    In late 2010, it was reported that actress Eva Longoria had filed for divorce from her husband Tony Parker. It was immediately revealed that the Spurs superstar's affair with the wife of former teammate Brent Barry was the catalyst for the divorce. 

    There were conflicting reports of the true nature of the affair—Longoria was adamant that Tony had cheated, but Erin Barry adamantly denied the allegations, insisting they were "just friends." Suffice it to say, her marriage didn't last, either. 

14. Dominica Westling

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    Poor Shaunie O'Neal! Model Dominica Westling is yet another one of Shaquille O'Neal's many mistresses. The two had been "involved" for some period of time before losing touch. 

    They reconnected in 2009 and text messages exchanged between the pair were released to the media and revealed the nature of their affair. If you guessed it wasn't exactly platonic, you were right. 

13. Kimberly Bell

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    Retired slugger Barry Bonds' nine-year affair with one-time mistress Kimberly Bell sure came back to haunt him in a big way. The pair had first met in 1994 and carried on a relationship until what was described as an "ugly breakup" in 2003. 

    Bonds allegedly shared details of his steroid use with Bell and she was subpoenaed to testify at his trial in 2011. Bell told the jury that Bonds suffered from "shrunken testicles, acne, bloating, hair loss and impotence" as a result of steroids. 


12. Alina Kabaeva

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    Russian beauty Alina Kabaeva is a former Olympic rhythmic gymnast who has appeared on the cover of Vogue Russia in 2010, just one year after posing naked for Playboy. Kabaeva also happens to be the mistress of Russian "President" Vladmir Putin and the mother of his (alleged) lovechild. 

    It seems Kabaeva's relationship with Putin put her on the political fast track—she has gone from nude model to MP in Russian Parliament in just over a year's time. This is no place to talk politics, but let's just say that Kabaeva's role in the nation's Your Affairs is definitely pretty interesting. 

11. Carla DiBello

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    Carla DiBello is a reality television producer and best friend to amateur porn star and professional divorcee Kim Kardashian. It seems logical to assume that DiBello and Kim K. bonded over their shared love of professional athletes—only DiBello prefers married ones. 

    DiBello was linked to Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant in early 2011 and her name was cited in a number of reports after his wife Vanessa filed for divorce in December. She has also been linked with the Celtics' Kevin Garnett—the two reportedly met at a pool party in 2009. 

10. Mindy McCready

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    In 2008, the affair between married (and now retired) Yankees pitcher Roger Clemens and country singer Mindy McCready was revealed by the New York Daily News. Clemens initially denied the affair and threatened a defamation suit against the paper. 

    The lawsuit never came to be, probably because the affair actually happened and had been carried on for over a decade.

9. Krissy Freiberg

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    Former Timberwolves cheerleader Krissy Freiberg is the longtime mistress of Celtics big man Kevin Garnett—the two have been together for well over five years.

    She even made the move to Boston after Garnett was traded to the Celtics. It's obvious the pair have gotten a little too comfortable with their arrangement because they haven't exactly been discreet in recent years. 

    Freiberg has season tickets, courtesy of Garnett and can be seen in the stands at most home games—and this hasn't gone overlooked by KG's wife Brandi.

    In March 2011, Garnett's wife and his jumpoff came face to face while exiting the arena and Brandi had to be physically restrained from attacking Krissy. MediaTakeout has all the dirty deets, as usual. 

8. Jenny Thompson

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    In April 2012, the British tabloid The Sun reported that Manchester City's resident wild child Mario Balotelli had cheated on his model girlfriend with infamous hooker Jennifer Thompson. 

    Thompson's infamy comes from an earlier affair with another footballer—in 2010, it was revealed that she had been involved with Manchester United's (married) superstar Wayne Rooney. They reportedly had a threesome with another hooker at a hotel. 

7. Louise Meanwell

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    In early 2012, Deadspin broke the story of Yankees GM Brian Cashman's affair with Louise Meanwell, which they discovered during the course of an investigation into another one of Cashman's affairs. He had apparently carried on an affair for nearly a year before details emerged. 

    Needless to say it didn't end well. Meanwell was arrested and charged with extortion and harassment and had been reportedly stalking Cashman and menacing people on Facebook.

    Shortly thereafter, Cashman's wife Mary filed for divorce after 16 years of marriage. 

6. Vanessa Perroncel

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    In February 2010, the British tabloid The Sun reported that lingerie model Vanessa Perroncel had affairs with no fewer than five high-profile footballers. Among her conquests were Chelsea's Adrian Mutu, Aidur Gudjohnsen, John Terry and Wayne Bridge. 

    When the allegations came to light, there was plenty of embarrassment and hurt feelings to go around. Terry's wife, Toni, was particularly hard-hit by the news that her husband was one of those involved with passing around a lingerie model like a box of Kleenex.

5. Rebecca Loos

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    Model and "media personality" Rebecca Loos can call herself a "media personality" thanks to her affair with married soccer superstar David Beckham. Loos had served as a personal assistant to Beckham during his transition move to Spain to play for Real Madrid. 

    The affair allegedly lasted about four months and she claimed to be his "alternate wife" during that time. Naturally, Loos sold Beckham out to the the British tabloid The News of the World for what was reportedly a six-figure sum. 

4. Brooke Hundley

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    Let the humiliating demise of former ESPN anchor Steve Phillips be a lesson to anyone hoping for a no-strings romp in the sack with a homely coworker. In 2009, Philips carried on a brief sexual affair with Brooke Hundley, a 22-year-old production assistant at ESPN. 

    Philips reportedly tried to end the affair and Hundley completely lost her marbles. She was accused of writing his wife a letter detailing the affair, harassing his son on Facebook and eventually crashing her car into Phillips' home during a social visit. 

    Both were fired from the network and in 2010, Hundley countered with a laughable lawsuit accusing ESPN of ignoring her complaints about Phillips' sexual harassment. 

3. Karen Cunagin Sypher

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    In 2009, Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino admitted to police that he engaged in a sexual act with Karen Cugagin Sypher at a restaurant while an assistant was within earshot. He also confessed to paying her $3,000 after she claimed to be pregnant following their encounter. 

    Pintino was forced to go to the police because eventually Sypher began threatening him and tried to extort him for millions in cash, cars and other luxuries. The two of them had vast differences in their individual accounts of the nature of their relationship. 

    Not that it mattered—only one of them was illegally trying to extort the other. In early 2011, Sypher was sentenced to more than seven years in prison for her plot. Man, some people will do anything to avoid getting a job.

2. Traci Lynn Johnson

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    Former NBC intern Traci Lynn Johnson was the Tiki Barber fan at the center of the disgraced running back's divorce from his wife of more than a decade.

    The divorce would have been rough on Ginny Barber no matter what, but the fact that she was eight months pregnant with the couple's twins made the timing just brutal. 

    Johnson and Barber had been carrying on an affair for no less than six months prior to the public reports and within months, had announced their intention to marry.

    The divorce is nearly finalized and apparently the wedding is still on—Geraldo's Rivera's trophy wife recently threw Johnson a bridal shower.

1. Rachel Uchitel

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    Of all of Tiger Woods' many mistresses, Rachel Uchitel is usually considered his No. 1—what that's worth, I have no idea.

    Actually, I guess it's worth approximately $10 million in hush money, which Woods reportedly paid her to keep her mouth shut on the intimate details of their longstanding affair. 

    In July 2011, there were reports that Uchitel had planned to return the money that was negotiated by fame-whoring lawyer Gloria Allred and planned to sue Allred who she claimed "sold her out for money." 

    Ha. The nerve! Can you imagine what kind of soulless person would sell someone else out for a boatload of cash? Oh wait...