Brian Urlacher Had Dinner with Jenny McCarthy in LA: BR5+

BR5Daily ShowApril 12, 2012

Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher was seen coming out of Mastro’s in Beverly Hills with former Jim Carrey girlfriend/former Playmate of the Year/most importantly, former star of BASEketball, Jenny McCarthy. TMZ caught the couple leaving out the back door of the delicious restaurant.  

Urlacher’s no stranger to attempting to hide a relationship with a high-profile blond. He was once romantically linked to Paris Hilton.  

Urlacher, who makes a living chasing people who are attempting to evade him, showed he’d picked up a thing or two from his opponents who make their career out of running from people like him. 

Instead of going out the main exit, a total rookie move, he attempted to evade paparazzi by sneaking out the back door of the high-priced restaurant. Foolproof, right?  


The paparazzi were waiting for Urlacher and Miss McCarthy out back where flash bulbs were firing and cameras were rolling. Guess it goes to show you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.        

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