Is Fernando Martinez Ready To Start For The Mets?

Ron GhilinoContributor IJanuary 22, 2009

Fernando Martinez had been ranked No. 16 on the list of MLB prospects according to That is down from No. 10 last year.

Fernando has amazing potential and I think it may be time for him to display it at CitiField this year. The Mets are still concentrating on their pitching needs...why not bring Martinez up and let him play?

The big concern in his short career has been injuries. At a similar age, Jose Reyes was injury prone too. Will Tatis/Murphy be a better solution? I don't see Manny in our future either.

Here is a list of the Mets top 5 prospects:

New York Mets
1. Fernando Martinez, RF
2. Wilmer Flores, SS
3. Brad Holt, RHP
4. Jon Niese, RHP
5. Bobby Parnell, RHP

The Mets need to get Fernando Martinez playing for the big club this season.