Is B.J. Raji a Good Fit for the Oakland Raiders?

Sean ChisickContributor IJanuary 22, 2009

Not too long ago, I wrote an article about what the Raiders should do with their first round pick in the upcoming draft and now I have hit a problem with that article. That problem is the monster of a man named B.J. Raji from Boston College. 

All the loyal followers of the NFL and more specifically of my beloved Raiders know that the run defense in Oakland is absolutely horrendous and our front four have not been getting the job done.

Now, the reason that I am writing this article to put some doubt onto my previous one is that I have recently seen some highlights of B.J. from this past year as well as the good press he is getting from various writers who are at the Senior Bowl in Mobile. 

He is 6'1" and weighs in around 330 lbs, which is an ideal size for a defensive tackle.  What has caught my eye is the motor on this kid. He just charges the line and eats up a ton of space, things that are desperately needed on the Raiders D-line. 

In that article from before, I had written that there were no defensive tackles worthy of the number seven spot, B.J. Raji is starting to change my opinion...

So, please leave your comments as always, I love reading them, which is probably why I keep writing these damn articles, lol.

Later Raider Nation!