Please Remain Seated As the Refs Call the Game

Arthur GastonContributor IJanuary 22, 2009

Providence Friars vs. Marquette Golden Eagles Jan. 17, 2009

Jeff Xavier gets hit by Joseph Fulce and Xavier's brother walks on the court afterwards.

If you watched this game and the replay, Joseph Fulce stood straight with his arms straight in the air, and Jeff Xavier drives to the basket, and put his head right into the defender's arms.

Not only did he walk on the court to give the referees a piece of his mind, he motioned like he is going to call a timeout, acting like he is the head coach.

Like, "Hey Ref! What were you thinking about that last call?"

We all wish to give the referees a piece of our minds now and again, but we do not. I guess since it was his brother that makes it okay.

I think most people were just shocked as to what was happening. They just sat there like deer in headlights.

"Hey, did they get a new coach?"

Or, "Who is the mental patient walking on the floor?"

Jeff Xavier did more acting on that play than actually getting fouled. I think his brother didn’t understand that because he thinks if anyone touches Jeff Xavier it is a foul.

He should be banned from all games in the future.

If he cannot stay in his seat and watch the game, and hate some calls the referees make like the rest of us.

If he can't keep his opinion and temper under control, he should sit at home and watch it on his couch or hospital bed for his mental illness.

Thank God we didn’t have another Pacer-Piston outbreak—going after Joseph Fulce for fouling Jeff Xavier.

Pretty soon they are going to make people sit 20 feet back from the court with gates and security surrounding the court.

Thanks for trying to ruin it for the rest of us.

Next time you are at a game and you really want to give the referees a piece of your mind, please remember this guy and stay off the court.

Else you will have a great seat in a jail cell instead.