‪Skip Bayless and 10 Sports Analysts Who Were Terrible Athletes

Zack Pumerantz@z_pumerantzAnalyst IIIApril 12, 2012

‪Skip Bayless and 10 Sports Analysts Who Were Terrible Athletes

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    As we watched Jalen Rose completely tarnish Skip Bayless' already-controversial reputation this past week, we couldn't help but smile. 

    Many sports personalities, the voices we can't seem to escape, aren't as knowledgeable or experienced as they may sound.

    While many of those who examine and dissect sports once wore jock straps and fashioned vicious game faces, not all can say they dominated, or even earned significant minutes in Skip's case. 

    Even so, these athletic failures are now seen studying and scrutinizing every move that occurs in today's sports domain.

    Let's take a look at 10 analysts who were terrible at their respective sports.

    Irony at its best.

10. Steve Phillips

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    After being drafted by the Amazins in the 1981 draft, the questionable baseball mind found himself on a roller coaster journey towards mediocrity. 

    An infielder during his failed career, Steve Phillips played for six minor league teams from 1981 to 1987, hitting .250 with 22 home runs and 215 RBI in 618 games.

    Though Phillips was no star on the field, he was far inferior as a general manager, highlighted by high-profile busts like Mo Vaughn and trade-attempt fails like Alex Rodriguez.

    Sexual harassment charges and an alleged affair with a 22-year-old ESPN production assistant capped a glorious tenure.

9. Steve Coates

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    Former winger and current Flyers broadcaster Steve Coates began his career by signing with Philly in 1973 as a free agent, where he enjoyed four seasons of minor-league action.

    He was eventually traded to the Detroit Red Wings, where he scored his only career point in five games.

    The former host of Coatesy's Corner extended a fading career with tenures in the CHL and AHL.

    In recent years, he has found his passion as a comedian.

8. Jenn Brown

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    From pinch running for the Gators softball team to dominating the sports reporting scene with high heels and a sexy smile, Jenn Brown has traveled quite the journey.

    Her utility abilities have helped her spark quite the broadcasting career, featuring coverage of the Sundance Film Festival, the Super Bowl, the World Series of Poker and the X Games. 

    But let's not forget about the sexy photo shoots. Icing on the cake.

7. Stephen Bardo

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    He recorded 909 points and 495 assists during his time at Illinois, but ESPN color analyst Stephen Bardo never translated greatness to the professional hardwood after being chosen by the Hawks in the '90 Draft.

    Needless to say, 2.2 points in 33 professional games didn't excite fans as much as his potent analysis does.

    There is constant intrigue when Bardo owns the mic.

6. Lou Holtz

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    Legendary Lou Holtz has accomplished all that can be done. 

    But as a scrawny 5'10'', 150-pound backup linebacker for Kent State, his future seemed permanently destined for the sidelines.

    He quickly found greatness.

5. Stephen A. Smith

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    Loud. Opinionated. Controversial. It certainly wasn't for lack of personality that Stephen A. Smith failed on the hardwood after gunning for basketball stardom under Clarence "Big House" Gaines at Winston-Salem State University.

    But according to his former coach, a knee injury and a questionable shot hindered his progress.

    Hasn't stopped him from running the weak-side isolation off his buddy Skip.

4. Bob Knight

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    We've always wondered what stewed Bobby Knight's fiery aura and his thirst for victory.

    From eager reserve forward on the Buckeyes' 1960 national championship team to legendary coach, Knight has cemented his spot in college-sideline lore.

    With 902 wins, he smiled all the way to the Hall.

3. Tim Hasselbeck

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    Five touchdowns, seven interceptions and a tad over 1,000 yards is all the substance ESPN's Tim Hasselbeck has behind his style.

    At least he's mastered the art of drinking milk.


2. Skip Bayless

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    During perhaps the most awkward, humorous and unexpected meeting in recent memory, former high school "standout" Skip Bayless was completely annihilated by several meaningful words from Jalen Rose.

    On his JV team as a junior, and averaging 1.4 points as a senior? The explanation behind Skip's hyperbole wasn't exactly the most convincing. 

    But no worries Skip, your buddy Stephen A. is always there to protect you.

1. Jesse Palmer

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    After rotating with quarterbacks Doug Johnson and Rex Grossman at Florida, Jesse Palmer somehow got drafted by the Giants. Maybe it had something to do with his glistening smile and perfectly-spiked hair.

    After becoming less effective than future 300-pound backup Jared Lorenzen, Palmer turned to The Bachelor for some new attention.

    The obviously-angelic college football analyst certainly came out smelling like roses.