NBA Draft 2012: Highlighting Anthony Davis and Kentucky's Playmakers

Christopher AmickCorrespondent IApril 12, 2012

NBA Draft 2012: Highlighting Anthony Davis and Kentucky's Playmakers

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    The consensus No. 1 pick has yet to declare, but freshman Anthony Davis and a few other Kentucky underclassman are looking to shake up the 2012 NBA draft.

    This year's draft looks like a rerun if you take a closer glance. The deadline for declaring is looming and if some underclassmen decide to make the leap into the NBA, this year's draft could be full of Kentucky blue once again.

    After winning the National Championship a few weeks back, the Wildcats could have four players chosen in the first round that all have a chance to become legit difference makers at the next level.

Anthony Davis, Forward/ Center

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    What John Calipari says about him:

    "Anthony is a tremendous shot blocker with great size and length. He can make 3-pointers, dribble the ball and he can get up and down the court faster than some of our guards because of his long, looping strides. He's a different player than Marcus Camby, but he's physically ahead of where Marcus was to start his freshman season."

    Anthony Davis cemented his status in the NCAA Tournament as the probable No. 1 pick and will make an immediate impact wherever he lands.

    He plays both ends of the court extremely well and blocks shots at an alarming rate. Davis was the second freshman to win the Naismith Award and whichever team selects him will have an elite big man for years to come.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Forward

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    What John Calipari says about him:

    "Michael is a flat-out winner. He was the leader on one of the best high school teams in the country, not because he's one of the nation's best scorers but because of his intangibles, intensity and passion. With his athleticism and length, he has the ability to be one of our best defenders."


    Michael Kidd-Gilchrist has wowed scouts with his toughness and athleticism and the freshman phenom is considered a top-five pick by most.

    Kidd-Gilchrist has the unique ability to lock down the opposing team's best player and is one of the most well-rounded prospects in this draft.

Darius Miller, Forward

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    What John Calipari says about him:

    "Darius should epitomize what it means to be a senior this year. He's been in the program for three years, in the Dribble Drive Motion Offense for two and has played with Team USA twice. He's experienced, stronger and talented. I've said before that he is capable of being one of the best players in the SEC, and I think we will see that this season."

    During his senior campaign, Darius Miller proved to be a reliable asset just like he has been in his entire career as a Wildcat. 

    Miller often gets overshadowed by the constant wave of talented freshman that make their way in and out of Lexington every year, but his skills translate well to the NBA level.

Terrence Jones, Forward

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    What John Calipari says about him:

    "Terrence set a goal to be a top-10 draft pick and he's put in the work this off season to get there. Physically, he looks like a different person, but what I like most about Terrence this off season is that he's embraced a leadership role and has a great mentality for what he's doing."

    A versatile lefty and a gifted natural athlete, Terrence Jones almost made the jump to the NBA last year but decided to stay in Lexington for another season.

    Jones played very well in the NCAA Tournament which should increase his value in the draft. Some scouts have likened him to Lamar Odom.

Marquis Teague, Guard

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    What John Calipari says about him:

    "As is the case with all of my point guards, Marquis is a different player than my last four lead guards. He possesses incredible speed and he's a physical finisher. Marquis may be the best pick-and-roll guard we've ever had, so we may use more pick-and-roll sets this year. He also has the ability to be a lock down defender."

    Marquis Teague's play in the NCAA Tournament was vital to a Wildcat victory in the championship game. He scored 14 points and was 2-for-3 from downtown.

    Teague is a ridiculously fast prospect and is the latest in a long line of talented point guards that have been brought in by John Calipari.