"Sugar" Shane Mosley's Un-Farewell

Omar RodriguezContributor IJanuary 22, 2009

This coming Saturday, January 24, Shane Mosley will be facing Antonio Margarito for the WBA welterweight belt.

Margarito, who is the clear favorite in this one, also has the advantage having beaten the last man to defeat Mosley. Cotto, who after Mayweather’s retirement, was considered by many to be the best welterweight, tried to outbox and out-maneuver Margarito, but Tony’s constant pressure and body-punching proved to be too much.

For this fight, Mosley advantages are in speed and boxing skills, but these are the same advantages Cotto was counting on to defeat Margarito. If Shane can take something from Cotto’s loss to Margarito, is to not get caught lying on the ropes. If Mosley is able to counter and turn Margarito for 12 rounds, he may be able to pull the upset in this one.

In Margarito’s case, his advantages are power, chin, and punch output. Because of his fighting style, Tony will be able to force Mosley to fight every second of every round, which does not bode well for 37-year old legs.

Four years ago, I would’ve given Mosley a decent chance at defeating Margarito, he may even been favored to win. In 2009, it is another story. It is my opinion that Margarito will defeat Mosley by TKO somewhere between the 8-10 round.

I just don’t see Mosley being able to keep Margarito off him for the whole fight.  Also, Mosley’s speed and reflexes have diminished a lot in the last two years. Margarito proved against Cotto, that it takes more than speed and boxing skills to beat him.

Margarito late TKO.

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