Links to the Best in NFC North Coverage, April 12th Edition

Andrew GardaFeatured ColumnistApril 12, 2012

I hope everyone is doing well this morning. I am loading up on coffee and more coffee in preparation of another day writing, as well as packing.

As a heads up, tomorrow will be a bit odd as I'll be moving, but we'll have the links article up early and then have a lot more items later in the day. So keep checking back as Friday moves on.

Back to today, lots of interesting stuff from yesterday—let's take a look.


Chicago Bears

Of course, the biggest news of Wednesday for the Bears was the extension of linebacker Lance Briggs. Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune wrote a piece covering everything from the potential repercussions for Matt Forte to Briggs' excitement for the offseason moves to the potential impact on Brian Urlacher.

On the one hand, it's got to sting for both fans and Forte to be the odd man out in all this given what his success has meant for this team. It looks more and more to me like there will be a holdout.

On the other hand, the Bears are a franchise that value defense and this is another move which shows that. We all know that much of the league sees backs as replaceable, save for very special cases, and it's hard to write a big check for a back when you can find another version of him.

Either way, it continues to be interesting in Chicago.


Green Bay Packers

Rob Reischel of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel says defensive ends will be a top priority for the Packers in the upcoming NFL draft. Outside linebacker and the secondary are both high on his list as well.

Zach Kruse at discusses an unusual mock draft pick he came across and what could prompt the Packers to make something like it happen.


Minnesota Vikings writer Jeremy Fowler updates us on Toby Gerhart's recovery from a knee injury.

Meanwhile, Christopher Gates at The Daily Norsemen talks about (interesting?) Colts owner Jim Isray's recent comments that teams should be talking to the Vikings about jumping to three so they can grab quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

Two things come to mind from this. First, I still say Tannehill is being over-drafted and would be a better pick in the late first round at the earliest. I'll have my thoughts on him next week, but he's not a top-five pick in my opinion.

That said, in a quarterback-hungry league, it has always been possible he would go in the top 10. Last year reminded us of how high any quarterback can go.

Secondly, I agree with Gates that Isray calling Zygi Wilf "Zygi the Biggie" has stuck in my head forevermore.  Oh, that wacky Isray.


Detroit Lions

The footsteps of doom approach for Lions fans as the Detroit Free Press' Dave Birkett writes that wide receiver Calvin Johnson has advanced in the Madden cover voting.

What this means is there aren't enough Lions fans voting for Aaron Rodgers.

Chris McCosky of The Detroit News has a good piece on what Pro Football Weekly's Nolan Nawrocki thinks about the Lions upgrading their secondary via the draft.

Nawrocki has some good overall quotes about the draft and a couple of top prospects he thinks will be over-drafted.