Tony Parker: Breakdown of Recruit's Skills and College Basketball Options

Eric BowmanFeatured ColumnistApril 12, 2012

Photo Credit: ESPN
Photo Credit: ESPN

Tony Parker of Miller Grove High School in Lithonia, Georgia is one of the top uncommitted recruits in the country.

He's easily the best player in the state of Georgia, and he will soon make some school very happy. 

The 6'9", 270-pound center is ranked No. 26 overall by ESPN, No. 27 overall by Rivals and No. 20 overall by

With that said, here's a breakdown of the prized recruit's college basketball options as well as his dominating skills. 


Schools Considering 

According to Michael Carvell of the Atlanta Journal Constitution , Parker is interested in seven schools, which includes Georgia, Duke, Ohio State, Kansas, UCLA, Memphis and Georgetown. 

The Buckeyes are likely out of the picture, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

Some of his choices are better than others, and it's certainly easy to see which programs have a much bigger need for him. 

It's uncertain when he will make his decision. Wednesday, April 11 was the first day for the NCAA's late signing period, and it doesn't close until May 16, so Parker has plenty of time to make his decision. 



A physical specimen, Parker owns the low post when he plays, making his opponents look like children. Of course, the level of talent will be more difficult at the collegiate level, but Parker isn't going to shy away from thriving down low. 

He's got a soft touch around the basket, and his moves in the post are very, very good. Parker knows his place is in the paint, and he'll only continue to get better in this area. 

With soft hands that stick to the ball like glue, the big man is able to shine with ease, and he'll keep doing that as he continues to grow and get stronger.



It's difficult to point out the bad parts of an elite player's game, simply because they don't do much wrong all that often.

For Parker, though, the biggest concern with him pertains to his stamina. Conditioning is only somewhat of a problem these days, as Parker continues to trim body fat to get in the best shape possible.  

Being able to run up and down the floor and keep pace with everyone else without having to rest on the bench will be difficult at next level for Parker. 

However, as he gets into a college workout routine and diet, Parker can definitely improve on this, which will help him crash the boards with great power a lot more often. 



At this point, it's a really tough call as to where Parker will end up playing college ball. 

All of his options are good ones, and he would have little-to-no trouble succeeding at a high level wherever he goes. 

His best options are UCLA, Kansas and Georgia, but it's uncertain who Parker has in the lead right now. 

For my prediction, I see Parker staying in state and playing with the Bulldogs. Mark Fox works well with big men, and he'll help Parker become much more dominant. Plus, Parker would have the chance to play with some of his high school teammates. 




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