The Dallas Daily Circus: How do the Cowboys Address Team Matters?

Ivan GressleyContributor IJanuary 22, 2009

Late departures, fighting among teammates, a coach pledging to change, and a new self-proclaimed leader are the latest headlines for the Dallas Cowboys

This seems like turmoil. So how do you fix chaos?

The No. 1 choice is a reality show, and no, not the intriguing Dallas Cowboys' cheerleader tryout program. 

Former Cowboy great Michael Irvin was watching American Idol and thought that the show's concept was interesting. So, Irvin took that concept and designed a show surrounding the Dallas Cowboys.

The show is going to take 12 "football neophytes," and have them compete for an opportunity of a lifetime. The winner gets a spot on the Cowboys' 80-man training camp roster. 

This confirms that Jerry Jones values attention over winning. Rather than trying to put the fire out, he keeps streaming oxygen into the inferno. 

Maybe the show's winner can keep Jones on time for the team flight. Maybe the winner can facilitate dialogue between Terrell Owens and Jason Witten. Maybe Tony Romo can test his new leadership skills out on the winner. Maybe the winner can draw up a plan for Wade Phillips to become stricter. 

Or maybe this is one more disaster waiting to happen for the Cowboys.

Rather than fulfilling the dream of a guy wanting to line up across from Owens, the Cowboys should fulfill the dreams of their fans and focus on winning a playoff game.