WWE: Should Chris Jericho Have Returned at the Bottom?

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IApril 11, 2012

Photo: totalprosports.com
Photo: totalprosports.com

Chris Jericho is one of the greatest WWE superstars of all time, and in his storied career in the company, he has attained a tremendous amount of accomplishments; from being the first WWF Undisputed Champion, to setting the record for the most WWE Intercontinental Championship reigns with nine.

With his latest return to the WWE in January, most wrestling fans were excited to have “Y2J” back in the company fold, but others were not so enthusiastic about his enigmatic return.

Most likely what goes through the minds of the latter is that they see another young up-and-coming WWE superstar cast aside, to make room for the already over Chris Jericho.

And while that may be the case in theory, one question is asked: should Chris Jericho have returned at the bottom? The answer is a simple no.  However, Jericho's return to the WWE has brought up several ongoing problems that the company has had for quite some time.

One major problem in the WWE is how paper-thin the roster has become over the last seven or eight years, with major WWE stars like Kurt Angle, JBL, Steve Austin and Batista having left the company to pursue outside interests, and current iconic superstars like Triple H and The Undertaker are on the verge of retirement.

Another major problem is the amount of time that developmental wrestlers spend in FCW. They train, and hone their craft for years, sometimes as much as six years, before they even appear on WWE TV. The WWE needs to put more of the younger talent on the main roster so they can finally get a shot at becoming main event caliber material.

If the WWE had these ongoing problems in check, then it wouldn't have to rely on bringing back stars like Chris Jericho and The Rock to boost ratings and pay-per-view buy rates.


Since 1990, Chris Jericho has been involved in professional wrestling and has wrestled all over the world. He busted his hump in WCW (World Championship Wrestling) and became an overnight sensation when he jumped ship to the WWE. These reasons alone are more than enough to warrant Jericho’s place at the top of the card.

Chris Jericho has proven himself a phenomenal craftsman on the microphone, he has cut some of the funniest and the best promos in WWE history. Jericho has been involved in some high profile story lines and has wrestled with some of the top guys in the business. Again, more reasons why he does not deserve to be put at the bottom of the card, just because he returned to the WWE after an extended absence.

Whether it's The Rock, Brock Lesnar or Chris Jericho, it's simply bad for the business of professional wrestling to put high profile, main event caliber superstars at the bottom of the ladder of the WWE. Some wrestling fans may not like it, but they will have to grin and bear it if they want to continue to see their favorite WWE superstars of the past perform in the ring.


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