WWE: Brock Lesnar's Heel Antics Will Make Fans Dislike John Cena Even More

DJ Siddiqi@@DJSiddiqiCorrespondent IIIApril 11, 2012

You're probably reading that topic title and thinking to yourself, Isn't that a bit of a contradiction?

We're two Monday Night Raw episodes into Brock Lesnar's WWE return, and it has all wrestling fans abuzz. The question isn't whether the fans care or don't care about the Lesnar-Cena feud but rather which direction will the fans lean toward: Will they continue to cheer against Cena? Or will they boo Lesnar the more and more heel he becomes?

It's obviously where the WWE is headed with this. Unlike the Rock-Cena feud, where the WWE had no problem with fans cheering for the Rock while booing Cena out of the building, the WWE clearly wants Cena to be the babyface in this feud, with Lesnar being the cocky bully.

When Lesnar returned last Monday night and pulled an F-5 on Cena, the Miami crowd at the American Airlines Arena was clearly on Lesnar's side—and very much against Cena, before Lesnar even returned.

Fast forward to a week later, when Lesnar is revealed as the hand-picked man of John Laurinaitis, kisses the GM's butt a little bit, then, later in the night, after Cena defeats David Otunga easily in the main event, Lesnar comes up from behind and low-blows Cena before once again delivering another F5 to Cena to close out Raw for the second straight week.

The difference between this past Raw compared to week before is that fans were actually starting to boo Lesnar.

If you watched Lesnar's promo featuring Josh Matthews backstage in the middle of Raw, it clearly was a heel promo to demonstrate Lesnar as a cocky bully who believed that he was better than the entire WWE roster after his success in UFC.

Which would lead most to believe that Lesnar clearly will be the heel in this feud, with Cena as the obvious babyface, right?

No. And here's why.

When Lesnar returned, the fans were clearly happy to have him back. Before his music even hit, the entire arena was chanting for Lesnar. By the time he actually made his return and dropped an F-5 on Cena, the arena went absolutely nuts.

People were cheering for Lesnar because, yes, he clearly was the top young superstar in the WWE during his short two-year run in the company nearly a decade ago. Yes, he is as close to a household name that you'll find out there as far as former superstars go. And finally, yes, he was a pretty damn good wrestler despite being billed as a "Goldberg Wannabe" during his debut in the company.

But the main reason why the fans were so excited to see Lesnar return was because of one man—John Cena.

The fans of the WWE—those that are of adult age—are tired of Cena being shoved down the WWE universe's throats. That isn't some sort of secret.

Because Cena is the top guy in the WWE, and pretty much has been ever since Lesnar left the 'E in 2004, it has encouraged people to look elsewhere for hope.

You see this quite frequently with CM Punk. Not taking anything away from Punk, because he is an amazing superstar. However, there is no doubt that part of his "rise" during the summer of 2011 was, in part, due to being considered the "Anti-Cena." A lot of Punk's newfound popularity was due to tearing Cena apart as a yes man, which a lot of fans today see Cena as.

Flash forward to present-day WWE in 2012, and the fans quickly latched back on to Lesnar, despite the fact he hadn't been in the company in eight years. And let's just say, didn't he exactly leave on the greatest of terms after his bore of a match at Wrestlemania XX versus Goldberg.

The reason why is because Lesnar is seen as another anti-Cena. He is seen as a the "Great Hope" in the minds of WWE fans. The opposite of Cena.

Which brings me to my point. The WWE is once again trying to "shove" something down our throats. They are once again trying to establish Cena as the babyface you should cheer for, and Lesnar as the guy to hate.

Although there will be more fans cheering against Lesnar due to his pompous attitude, fans aren't stupid—they will continue to root against Cena at all costs.

Lesnar plays his new character perfectly—in a way, that is how Lesnar portrayed himself while in UFC. It's how he came across when he was a fresh-faced young heel upon his debut with Paul Heyman in 2002. It's really just who Lesnar is.

As time wears on, people will boo Lesnar. They will see him as a heel, just as they did 10 years ago.

However, as long as Lesnar is feuding with Cena, people will continue to boo Cena more than they do Lesnar.

No matter how many low blows Lesnar gives Cena.