5 NFL Players and Their "Avenger" Counterparts

Will Lomas@@jlomas72Correspondent IApril 12, 2012

5 NFL Players and Their "Avenger" Counterparts

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    I was watching ESPN when a commercial for "The Avengers" (The movie about a group of super heroes joining forces) came on, and it got me thinking—which NFL superstars would I assemble to make a super team?

    After taking the time to think this thing out, here are my five NFL players and their "Avenger" counterparts.

Drew Brees Is Hawkeye

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    Poor Drew Brees, but someone had to be Hawkeye. Hawkeye (for those who don't know) is known as the world's best marksman—a precise assassin that rarely misses a target.

    Familiar right? The famed New Orleans Saints' QB Drew Brees had an amazing 71.2 percent completion rate!

    With his insane passing prowess, Drew Brees has lead the Saints to a double-digit win records since the 2009 season. With his deadly accuracy and his league record 5,476 yards passing last season, opponents in the NFC South should be on their toes.

    Can Drew Brees be stopped? Apparently, yes, considering that they did lose to the 49ers in the playoffs last year, which brings me to the next hero on the list.

Patrick Willis Is the Hulk

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    Patrick Willis was just your average, mild-mannered, normal kind of guy until he was exposed to football. Now whenever he puts on a pair of pads, ball carriers run for their lives and offensive lineman cower in fear when he becomes, "The Hulk."

    A 240 lbs mountain of muscle, Willis roams the field reading his keys pre-snap, waiting for the QB to get to the line of scrimmage.

    Willis is already full speed down hill to the QB; he throws offensive lineman out of his way and takes out the QB and RB in the backfield. He then gets up, walks back to the defensive huddle and does it all over again.

    Willis is eight tackles shy of 700 for his five-year career, and he is arguably the most dominating linebacker in the league today.

    He gives it 100 percent on every play and never takes a breather. He and his cohort Navarro Bowman control the middle of the field better than any tandem in football today.

    Just pray that your team doesn't have to face them next.

Peyton Manning Is Iron Man?

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    Peyton has been trying to secretly tell us for years that he was actually Iron Man.

    In the clip above see if you can hear him talk about his machinery...did you hear it? Laser, rocket arm, hmmm, Mr. Manning, I think I can read between the lines. This name is also two-fold because he did have a 227 consecutive starting streak going on before his surgery.

    Wait a minute. His surgery makes this a three-fold super hero name. While some may call it surgery I just think that he was having his neck calibrated. Even the best machinery has to be tuned every now and then.

    Now that he has had his recommended check up after 54,000 career passing yards (the standard measurement for a Pey-10 model) he should be good to go for another 227 games or so.

Julius Peppers Is Thor

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    Julius Pepper is the perfect Thor. Peppers has a huge frame; he is lighting quick around the edge when he wants to be, and when he beats the tackle he brings the hammer down on who ever has the ball. That is evidenced by his 33 career forced fumbles which is an all-time 13th best.

    Peppers is a terror of the edge and has been for his entire career. With 100 career sacks, he has solidified his place among the legendary pass rushers in the NFL's history. With at least two to three more good years in him, Peppers could see his numbers rise even higher and he could truly ascend to the upper echelon of DEs.

    Whether rag dolling blockers or holding the ball like his mighty hammer, Thor—I mean Peppers—strikes the fear of (Norse) God into his opponents.

    So yes, if I am building the perfect team give me the future HOF defensive end. Thank you.  

Aaron Rogers Is Captain America

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    It had to be him. When you think about the NFL one name transcends above the rest. That name is Aaron Rogers. By the way if you were thinking Tom Brady, you are about four years too late.

    Rogers is one of the hottest commodities in the NFL market. He has won a championship; he does commercials, and he has just enough swagger for fans to respect him. He also exemplifies the underdog perfectly.

    Though many have forgotten Rogers was not a number one overall pick. In fact, he was the 24th pick in his draft. He wasn't a starter straight out of college either. No, A-rod had to sit on the bench and watch Brett Favre fade away before getting his chance as the starter.

    Then, his team ended up having such a bad season they ended up drafting in the top 10. All was lost, until out of no where the team was getting better. Slowly but surely they were working their way up the ranks with Mr. Rogers blazing the trail. Next stop, championship.

    Like all heroes, our Captain America has to have his downs (downs being a 15-1 season) before he has his ups again. Soon though, number 12 will arise from the ashes of last season hungry and out for his title belt.

    Then the world will be shaken to the core by shouts of "Discount Double Check, Discount Double Check."