Montreal Canadiens Slacking Due to All Star Game?

Charles L. GareCorrespondent IJanuary 22, 2009

Has the All Star Break got the Canadiens in a cloud?

Kovalev is the captain for the Eastern All Stars.  The Habs' history is going to be on display in their 100th year and it's at the Bell Centre location. They played their last two games like they were in la la land—not a lot of effort.  It was a road trip with a possible six points, but they came home with two points from a shootout win in Ottawa.

They should have won the Ottawa game easily. Carey Price is back, albeit rusty, Koivu got an assist, and Sergei Kostitsyn scored in his own net.  What was that? 

The All Star Game seems to be heady stuff for them, as they have never had this many representatives. The games against Atlanta and New Jersey were poor efforts.

If you want to win your division and move deep into the playoffs, you better get out of the clouds and get back down to earth. The Canadiens are much better than they have appeared of late, so they better get with it!