TNA: 25 Greatest Matches in Lockdown History

Charlie GSenior Writer IApril 12, 2012

TNA: 25 Greatest Matches in Lockdown History

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    This Sunday, April 15, TNA brings back its all cage-classic pay-per-view: Lockdown.

    Lockdown is one of TNA's biggest events of the year (Slammiversary and Bound for Glory make up the rest of TNA's "Big Three").

    Since its inception in 2005, there have been some great matches that took place at Lockdown. Lockdown is labeled as TNA's most dangerous pay-per-view of the year. And rightfully so.

    Here are 25 of the greatest matches in TNA Lockdown history.

2005: Jeff Hardy vs. Raven

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    You're probably thinking, "A tables match inside a steel cage?" Well, yeah, in 2005 Jeff Hardy and Raven took part in a rare tables match inside a cage.

    This match was brutal. 

    Plenty of blood, tables and back-and-forth action between two iconic wrestlers.

    This match took place at the very first Lockdown pay-per-view. I counted about six tables being broken in this match. Go ahead, count.

2005: AJ Styles vs. Abyss

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    This match will go down in history as one of the best matches in Lockdown history. It was AJ Styles vs. Abyss in a No. 1 contenders match to Jeff Jarrett's NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

    It was a true David vs. Goliath story with a great conclusion to a heated feud.

    This match is simply phenomenal. It had it all. Chairs, tacks, hard hits, high-flying moves, blood, unpredictability and a great outcome.

    This is a must-watch for any wrestling fan around the world.

2006: X Division Xscape Match

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    When Shark Boy is involved, you know it's going to be fun. Seriously, who else misses that guy? Shark Boy was awesome!

    We have "Primetime" Elix Skipper, Petey Williams, Chris Sabin, Shark Boy, Puma and Chase Stevens. Xscape match.

    Rules are simple, really. Pin fall and submission is needed to eliminate opponents. Once we reach two finalists, escape is the only way out.

    Expect to see more of these "Xscape" matches in this slideshow.

2006: Christopher Daniels vs. Senshi

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    Daniels walked into Lockdown not knowing who his opponent would be. Former Triple X partner Low Ki would return to Total Nonstop Action under the new name "Senshi."

    These two former partners worked a very physical match. Senshi looked impressive in his return against his former ally.

    This was just one of four great matches from 2006. 

2006: Sabu vs. Samoa Joe

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    Samoa Joe came into this match with three things: the X Division Championship, a TNA undefeated streak and a bad attitude.

    Sabu came into this match with a broken arm, a steel chair, a spike and dedication to end Joe's undefeated streak and become the new X Division champion.

    The rest?

    The rest is history.

2006: Sting's Warriors vs. Jarrett's Army

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    This match featured one of TNA's greatest singles wrestlers (AJ Styles) and one of the best tag teams in TNA history (AMW). With that, you just know it should be good.

    It was Sting vs. Jarrett in the main event on Lockdown.

    Sting, Styles, Rhino and Ron "The Truth" Killings (all former World Champions) vs. Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner, James Storm and Chris Harris.

    Classic Lethal Lockdown.

2006: Abyss vs. Christian

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    One year after his gruesome match with AJ Styles, Abyss would have another gruesome matchup. Only this time for the World title rather than a title shot.

    Abyss' trademark tacks would come to play and eventually give "The Monster" his downfall.

    Christian Cage, defending NWA Heavyweight Champion, pulled off an underdog story.

2007: Senshi vs. Austin Starr

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    Austin Aries, formerly known as Austin Starr, went one-on-one with Senshi in 2007.

    Bob Backlund was special referee in this high-impact X Division matchup.

    Starr's annoyance with Backlund would be his downfall, and Bob would unintentionally cost him the match.

2007: Xscape Match

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    Told you it'd be back.

    Chris Sabin went into St. Louis as defending X Division Champion. His challengers? "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal, Shark Boy, Sonjay Dutt and Alex Shelley.

    With guys like Sabin, Dutt, Lethal and Shelley, you know you're in for an X Division treat.

    It was a close race in the escape aspect, but a well-deserved win for the champ.

2007: Team Angle vs. Team Cage

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    This is upsetting. I couldn't find any good footage of the actual match. 

    However, I do have video of Jeff Jarrett making this match an even five-on-five. As you can see, Jarrett walked to the ring, guitar in hand. Smashing the guitar over AJ's head would solidify his spot on Team Angle.

    It was Kurt Angle, Sting, Jeff Jarrett, Samoa Joe and Rhino vs. Christian Cage, AJ Styles, Tomko, Scott Steiner and Abyss.

    Yet another great Lethal Lockdown match went down in 2007.

2008: Xscape Match

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    Here's another one.

    I don't have a video of the full match, but you can view the highlights of this match within the first minute of this posted video.

    Jay Lethal was defending X Division Champion in this match that also featured Consequences Creed, Johnny Devine, Shark Boy, Curry Man and Sonjay Dutt.

    There was some high-flying X Division action between all those involved, and Black Machismo was able to retain.

2008: Cuffed in a Cage

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    Despite the weird stipulation, this match was still pretty entertaining.

    The objective was to handcuff all competitors to the cage. Not one of TNA's best ideas, but the in-ring action was enjoyable.

    From Lance Rock's chokeslam off the top rope to Eric Young diving off the top of the cage, this match had some good spots despite the dumb stipulation.

    There were six tag teams involved in the match. 

    Kazarian and Super Eric, Rellik and Black Reign, LAX, Motorcity Machine Guns, Rock n' Rave Infection and Scott Steiner with Petey Williams. All experienced wrestlers, just subject to a poor match type.

2008: Team Cage vs. Team Tomko

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    One year after the battle between Team Angle and Team Cage, Christian would once again find himself as captain of a team for Lethal Lockdown. His former friend and ally, Tomko, would be captain of the opposing team.

    Christian would gain support from Matt Morgan, Sting, Rhino and Kevin Nash in this match. While AJ Styles, Team 3D and James Storm would join Tomko's side in this Lockdown war.

    Part two of this match can be found at this link, while the conclusion can be found here. That's about 30 minutes worth of a Lethal Lockdown match. Enjoy.

2008: Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle

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    Samoa Joe picked up his first and only reign as TNA World Heavyweight Champion at Lockdown in 2008.

    This was a match between two submission, and mat-based, wrestling experts. 

    Angle and Joe have had one of the best feuds of the year upon Angle's TNA debut. Angle also ended Samoa Joe's 18-month undefeated streak in TNA.

    Possibly the biggest pay-off of all their battles was Samoa Joe finally becoming TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

2009: LAX vs. MCMG vs. No Limit

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    This was one of two tag team championship matches on the 2009 Lockdown card.

    This was contested for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championships. The Motorcity Machine Guns defeated No Limit for the belts in Japan and their rematch was at TNA's Lockdown. Also, factor in LAX's Hernandez and Homicide.

    LAX and the Guns can go down as two of the best tag teams in TNA history. Add to that that No Limit is an experienced Japanese tag team featured on a TNA pay-per-view! 

    For the conclusion to this tag match, all you have to do is click here.

2009: Team 3D vs. Beer Money

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    The second tag team championship match at Lockdown in 2009 was contested between Team 3D and Beer Money. Team 3D, tag team pioneers, and one of TNA's greatest teams ever, Beer Money.

    It was scheduled to be a "Philadelphia Street Fight" between these teams. For almost half the match, the cage wasn't able to contain these teams.

    There was Team 3D's trademark tables and some blood involved, making for some all-around good tag team action. 

2009: Angelina Love vs. Awesome Kong vs. Taylor Wilde

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    Angelina Love vs. Awesome Kong vs. Taylor Wilde.

    A record-setting five-time Knockouts Champion, Angelina Love. The most dominant Knockout in TNA history, Awesome Kong. And one of my personal favorite Knockouts of all time, Taylor Wilde.

    This was an entertaining matchup between all three women involved. There were some short-lived alliances in this match, but plenty of action.

    Three of the best Knockouts to ever set foot in a TNA ring, all locked in a cage.

2009: Team Jarrett vs. Main Event Mafia

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    TNA originals (Jeff Jarrett, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels) battled one of the most dominant stables in all of TNA history, the Main Event Mafia.

    Kurt Angle, Booker T, Scott Steiner and Kevin Nash would represent their stable as their leader, Sting, would main event Lockdown that year.

    The Main Event Mafia Era was coming to a close within TNA and Lockdown would prove just that.

    TNA's Frontline, the originals, would defeat the veterans in Lethal Lockdown.

2009: Mick Foley vs. Sting

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    The TNA World Heavyweight Championship was on the line between "The Hardcore Legend" and "The Icon."

    So, what does happen when you lock a Hardcore Legend and an Icon in a cage?

    You get TNA's ninth best match of 2009. Well that, and a new champion.

    Take a look.

2010: AJ Styles vs. "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero

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    Sorry, I couldn't find the full match...

    In a time when "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero was riding high and main-eventing iMPACT, he earned a World Heavyweight Championship match at Lockdown against reigning champion AJ Styles.

    The two worked one of the better matches on the card. People would sure like to flash back to the days when Pope was in the title picture. Or when Pope was even on TV.

    Dinero came close to catching his first World title, but AJ Styles would stop him with some dirty tactics.

2010: Mr. Anderson vs. Kurt Angle

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    One of the most heated rivalries of 2010.

    Mr. Anderson vs. Kurt Angle.

    Anderson kept showing signs of disrespect to the Olympic gold medalist, and Angle found it best to simply beat respect out of Anderson.

    These two worked one of the best matches of the year at Lockdown.

    This match would further prove that Kurt Angle is one of the best wrestlers at Lockdown.

    Part two can be found here while the conclusion can be seen here.

2011: X Division Xscape Match

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    All the highlights from this match can be seen in the video posted. Only about one minute and five seconds of highlights. Still, it's something.

    Chris Sabin, Max Buck, Jeremy Buck, Robbie E, Amazing Red, Jay Lethal, Brian Kendrick and Suicide were all part of the match. This was the largest Xscape match at Lockdown.

    With Amazing Red, Chris Sabin, Jay Lethal and the Bucks, you know there ought to be some good X Division action. The winner of this match would go on to challenge Kazarian, the X Division Champ at the time, at Sacrifice.

2011: Samoa Joe vs. "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero

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    Samoa Joe exposed Pope of being a fraud, and that's what this feud was all about.

    Pope and Joe are two of the most talented guys on the iMPACT roster, and the two of them competing against each other at Lockdown was nothing short of great.

    Anyone who misses Pope or Samoa Joe as singles wrestlers should watch this for old time's sake.

2011: Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle

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    No match, but I did manage to find the aftermath from all that mayhem.

    In the posted video you get post-match thoughts and pictures from that chaotic match itself. It was a Three Stages of Hell kind of match.

    First fall would be by submission, second would be pin fall and finally, if there was a 1-1 tie, escape.

    As you can see by some pictures in the video, Angle really put everything on the line. Another moonsault of the top of the cage and Jarrett wearing the crimson mask.

    Karen Jarrett, Angle's ex-wife, would prove to be the difference-maker in this one, slamming the cage door on Angle's head and pulling her husband, Jeff, out to victory.

    Angle provided another match-of-the-year candidate at Lockdown. 

2011: Fortune vs. Immortal

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    In an on-going battle for power, TNA originals once again found themselves on the outside looking in.

    Fortune (James Storm, Bobby Roode, Daniels and Kazarian) would fight to regain control of TNA for almost a year, with Lethal Lockdown being one key point.

    Fortune defeated Immortal's Bully Ray, Abyss, Matt Hardy and even Ric Flair.

    The end result saw AJ Styles return from injury and attack Bully Ray as Bobby Roode forced Ric Flair to tap out.

The End

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    That's it.

    Twenty-five of the best matches in Lockdown history. What's your favorite? Did I forget any matches? What 2012 matches do you expect to be listed here this time next year?

    When Eric Young was blonde and beardless he fought Danny Bonaduce in a Lockdown pre-show match. EY defeated Bonaduce but would get a post-match attack from the radio host.

    Leave it to "The War Machine" Rhino to gore the hell out of Bonaduce afterward....

    Thanks for reading.