In The Bleachers Podcast: 2009 Senior Bowl Preview

InTheBleachers.netSenior Analyst IJanuary 22, 2009

Just when you think the college football season is over, you are reminded that there are two teams of seniors taking the field this Saturday at 6pm EST to showcase their talents to NFL Scouts.

In this episode of the "In The Bleachers Podcast", Brian and Adam talk about the Senior Bowl. We discuss which players are helping their stock in practice, and which may have hurt their stock.

We also take a look at the juniors entering the 2009 NFL Draft and talk about if their decision was a good one or not. Just because the college football season is technically over, that doesn’t mean that the coverage will stop on the blog or the podcast. Brian and Adam have a lot of ideas in store for the readers/listeners to get them through this lull.

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