Wrestling: When Will We Move On From The Past?

Ryan Senior Writer IJanuary 22, 2009

The past can be a wonderful thing.

We reminisce about it, over-hype it and make it out to be far greater than it actually was because that's the way we remember it.

Ever since I got back into wrestling in 2004, one common theme has remained from most other wrestling fans that I've had a chance to talk to: we miss the Attitude Era. I can't lie; I miss it from time to time as well. But why do we long for the old days?

Is it because of the Stone Cold Steve Austin's, The Rock's, the DX's? Or is it because today's product is stagnant and unoriginal, leaving us craving the glory days? A little of both seems to be the answer, but the real question I have is this:

Why, instead of demanding characters and storylines from the Attitude Era, don't we as fans demand new and original storylines, characters and angles instead of being fed the same old garbage?

I, for one, don't want anymore of it.  Stop bringing back aged stars. Stop with the same angles and characters. Stop with the cameo appearances from Legends past. Stop talking about getting one more match out of Stone Cold.  He's old and beat up.  Would you really want him to come back for a last match that would probably be terrible from bell to bell?

I bring this up because speculation has it that Christian Cage will be returning to the WWE to either feud with Jeff Hardy or be involved with Edge.  Many people seem to either forget or not care that the Christian/Edge angles have been played out.

The two feuded in 2001/02 when it became apparent that the WWE thought more of Edge and began pushing him as a singles star.  Obviously, they teamed together quite successfully both as faces and, to much more fame, as heels.

So what would be the point of re-hashing those angles?  The short, nostalgic pop? Then what?

I would much rather see wrestling evolve.  New characters, new storylines, change up the way matches are run.  No more re-hashes. I understand it's impossible to not run over the same storyline or angle, but there is no need to use the same characters in the same situation they were in nearly a decade ago.

But the WWE can't be faulted in this.  It's the fans who are to blame.  We crave this. We ask for it.  We don't demand the best out of Vince and his brand because, frankly, they're the only game in town.

These reasons, among others, are why I've been silent in the past few months and why I've basically fallen out of wrestling again.  There's little about it that is unpredictable or entertaining.  Apparently, the ratings in the last year or so tend to agree with me.

Until we as fans demand more, nothing will change.  As fans, we are the only ones who can change things for the better.

So will you reminisce or will you demand something fresh?

This fan has already made his choice.