For the New York Yankees: Feddy or Sheets? Or Phil Hughes?

Jaime SanchezContributor IJanuary 22, 2009

Coming into the 2009 Season, the Yanks are looking good: They added two front-line starters and Mark Teixeira...But they have still have some money to kick around for the back end of their rotation...So the question is, Sheets or Freddy?

Although, Ben Sheets is injury prone, I think that he would be a better investment than Freddy Garcia.

First of all, Sheets is three whole years younger than Garcia, which, by the way, means a lot to the new Front Office of the Yanks.  

Now let's look at their stats.... Garcia is a career 118-77 with a 4.07 ERA, while Sheets has had a record of 86-83 with a 3.72 ERA. Granted that Sheets' has done all of this with the Brewers in the National League, but when healthy he is a No. 2 starter, while Freddy is only a No. 3 or 4 Starter in his Hay Day.

But if the Yanks sign Sheets and he becomes injured have no fear Phil Hughes is here, the youngster had a couple of bumps in his path but he has the potential to be a front end of the rotation guy.

I was very impressed by his work in the AFL (Arizona Fall League). So for the Yanks it wouldn't do any harm to them to sign either starter or let the youngsters at spring training fight for the last spot.