Boston Marathon 2012: Patriot's Day Tradition Tops All Other Big Races

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Boston Marathon 2012: Patriot's Day Tradition Tops All Other Big Races
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The Boston Marathon essentially has it's own holiday, Patriot's Day, which easily makes it the best race in the world. 

On the third Monday of every April, the people of Massachusetts and Maine commemorate the battles of Lexington and Concord by having Patriot's Day. They also get the day off from work. 

In addition to locals, people from all over the country (and the world) flock to the Northeast to either participate in the Boston Marathon or to watch the Boston Red Sox play baseball. Sporting events are a great way to enjoy a holiday, and Boston offers up some excellent ones on Patriot's Day.

Like every year, the Boston Marathon kicks off the morning of Patriot's Day, and this year, it will be the 116th edition of the big race. 

The New York City Marathon and Chicago Marathon don't have anything on the Boston Marathon. Sure, they too are prominent cities, but the race isn't held on such a historic day. 

While some folks couldn't care less about the big race, they're still out having fun and finding ways to enjoy the holiday. The marathon is one of the highlights of the holiday, so even though they may not be into it, they're certainly thankful that the marathon exists. Without it, they might not have the day off.

It's a huge event in the area, and it's always a fun spectacle for anyone who attends. Sure, some sports fans probably care more about the Red Sox game that day, but they know the importance of the race and respect it. 

The Boston Marathon easily defeats all other marathons. In addition to watching it, the location one is in is filled with plenty of other great activities to please everyone, so it's really more than just a race. 

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