Skip Bayless Video: Watch ESPN Shock Jock's Heated Confrontation with Jalen Rose

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After being called out by former NBA star Jalen Rose on ESPN’s First Take on Tuesday for lying about his high school playing career, Skip Bayless went on the defensive.

Bayless is known as one of the shock jocks of sports journalism, but apparently it’s much easier to give than to receive. The battle between the duo has been entertaining to say the least. 

While talk about the high school career of Bayless was the main focus of this argument, it boils down to a battle between former players in the media and media members that never played.

There is an ever-present grey area in the media about what should be reported and what should be left out of the mainstream spotlight, but it’s impossible to find the exact line. Whenever something is left up to interpretation, someone is bound to get hurt.

Former players think that pundits shouldn’t be so hard on the players, while media members see athletes as fair game when it comes to judging their performances. Most agree that personal lives are not the fans' business. However, if their off-field issues affect their on-court play, it deserves media attention.

Bayless has always pushed the boundaries of what is right and what is out of line, but the fact remains that he backs up his points with facts. As Americans, we all have a right to an opinion, and it just so happens that Skip’s anger the majority of us.

This video is a classic clash of media titans and can’t be missed.

Check back for more on the National Basketball Association as it comes, and check out Bleacher Report’s NBA Page to get your fill of all things basketball.

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