Rod Marinelli Apologizes to Detroit Media at the Senior Bowl

Chris AugdahlContributor IJanuary 22, 2009

Rod Marinelli, a man of few words and quotes, had to apologize for comments at the Senior bowl when asked if he would do interviews for a few Detroit reporters.  He brushed them off with the comment "goodbye ladies" which offended the reporters and, come to find out, the Association for Women in Sports Media. 

This is what I think about Rod Marinelli after the three years he spent in Detroit.  He preaches one thing, but does another and this is why he could never turn around the team in Detroit or ever be a head coach in the NFL.  He may be the "best" defensive  line coach, but his ability to run a team as a whole will never happen. 

He is a man who always said he would take the "high road" instead of saying things like that.

How can you preach "pound the rock" every day in practice and show me what your made of all during the offseason and training camp, but on the week before the season you cut players that you drafted or cut players that have been on the team for years to bring in third stringers like LB Ryan Nece and other players from Tampa Bay.  Then you put them right in the starting lineup.  To me as a player on the Detroit Lions I would take that as a slap in the face.

Good luck in Chicago Rod, but remember what comes around goes around.