WWE Weekly 5: Superstars Who Deserve More of the Spotlight

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistApril 11, 2012

WWE Weekly 5: Superstars Who Deserve More of the Spotlight

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    In this edition of WWE Weekly 5 I will take a look at superstars who have all the talent necessary to succeed in WWE, but find themselves without a direction.

    There is a plethora of talent in the WWE locker room who do not get a fair shake because the spots for the main talents to be featured are already taken.

    These are not all going to be jobbers. Instead, they are people who have found some success but find themselves treading water at the moment.

    There are probably way more than five guys who deserve some more of the spotlight, but these will be the five I feel get the raw end of the deal.

Dolph Ziggler

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    The WWE's resident showoff has more than his fair share of supporters in the WWE universe as well as those in the locker room who feel he has what it takes.

    He has been in and out of the main event scene in WWE for the past two years because it seems WWE is too hesitant to let him remain one of the top guys for too long.

    Dolph Ziggler has all the things WWE wants in a superstar; the right look, the ability to put on a 5-star match and the mic skills required to deliver a great promo.

    Having been in the World title match at two consecutive Royal Rumble events and not winning the title shows me that WWE does not know how to properly use Ziggler.

    Having Vickie help him gain some more heat was a great idea, but now it is time for Ziggler to go off on his own and make a name for himself as one of the best pure wrestlers in WWE.

Drew McIntyre

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    For the longest time I thought WWE was going somewhere with the angle involving Drew McIntyre constantly fighting for his job, but he ended up getting to keep it after John Laurinaitis just handed him a contract and that was the end of it.

    There have been some signs of his rumored playboy gimmick beginning to show, but until WWE puts him in a program where he is feuding with someone else who has talent then WWE is just wasting a perfectly good prospect.

    Drew has a lot of pressure on him after being brought in as Vince McMahon's chosen one, but personal issues and a lack of interest from the fans in his character have forced him back to the end of the line.

    McIntyre could be something someday, but until WWE finds a way to use him to his fullest potential he will continue to bounce between being a jobber and being a mid-card heel.

Brodus Clay

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    When Brodus Clay first brought out the Funkasaurus gimmick I thought WWE was going back towards the way of having over the top characters. This was not the case.

    Brodus had a short run of squash matches before being benched for several weeks. He has since come back a few times, but hasn't had any real matches with any substance.

    This past week on Raw we saw him enter what could be his first real feud with Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler. Brodus teamed with Santino Marella to defeat Vickie's stable.

    Clay is a monster and he should be booked as one, but this does not mean he cannot still have fun in the ring. Mark Henry had fun and dominated as sexual chocolate back in the day.

    Whatever WWE decides to do with Brodus Clay in the next few months will decide his fate with the company, because if you don't have a real feud within your first year it is unlikely you will ever be pushed heavily in the future.

Jack Swagger

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    The All American American was once slated to be the next Kurt Angle. He came into WWE with legitimate technical ability from years of wrestling in school and he had the right drive to be pushed to the top.

    Early on in his run he was in ECW, but he soon moved over to SmackDown and became World Champion after winning Money in the Bank.

    Swagger had a few good matches as champion, but the title was soon taken from him and he was moved into the US title picture.

    Nowadays he seems to be in limbo. He is either pursuing the US title or jobbing to guys like Santino. His affiliation with Vickie has not done what it did for Edge and Dolph Ziggler and he seems to be playing second fiddle to Dolph in the team.

    Swagger may not be the most engaging guy on the mic, but he has speed, power and talent which can make for some great matches if he is given a talented opponent and enough time to actually do something great.

    WWE has dropped the ball with Swagger in my opinion and hopefully he is able to pull himself up out of this rut and become what everyone thought he would be when he first arrived on the scene.

Kofi Kingston

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    I really do feel bad for Kofi Kingston because he has had the rug pulled out from under him more times than a magician's flatware.

    Whether it was his flirting with the main event scene against Randy Orton or having his tag team partner flake out, Kofi has had one streak of bad luck after another.

    Kofi is not the most technically gifted in the ring, but he is exciting to watch and can put on a great match with the right opponent.

    His ability to pull out high risk moves every once in a while makes him a mainstay in ladder matches or anything with a chance for some high spots, but other than that he is not taken seriously in the WWE.

    He has held a few titles during his run, but he has never really been considered a contender for the WWE or World title  despite having something you know WWE values—young fans.

    The majority of those wearing Kofi merchandise seem to be the younger fans, and that is something WWE uses as a reason to keep Cena at the top of the food chain.

    If Kofi gets in one really god feud with a guy like Jericho or Ziggler then someone may see the potential he has and start to use him to his fullest potential.

The End

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    Thanks for reading, and feel free to share your thoughts on any superstars WWE has dropped the ball with in the comments section below.

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