Blue Jackets Get Homered, Leave Calgary with a Point

Nate SantoianniCorrespondent IJanuary 22, 2009

I hate when people complain about getting “homered” by the refs—call it a courteous gesture to my striped brethren. The officiating in the Jackets’ last game against the Flames was simply astonishing. I could run down the full list—the cross-check that warranted only a double minor was curious. In addition to that—the delay of game on OKT for knocking the net off, even though he was sent flying in by a Flames forward. After that, there was the “offside” call on Nash’s second long pass—weak.

How about the lack of drive in the last minutes of the game? For the second straight game, the Jackets blew a one goal lead in the third, only to try to take it to overtime.  They weren't trying to win the game—rather, not lose it.  Didn’t work in Edmonton, but they managed to squeeze into OT tonight.

Once it went to the shootout, I figured they’d be fine. Mason has been a sieve lately, but that’s been on the scramble. He was great in the Vancouver shootout, but got beat on a nice move from Bertuzzi.

The break couldn’t have come any sooner.