Another Moral Victory and the Joy From a Wretched Golden State Warrior Fan

Garlic boyCorrespondent IJanuary 22, 2009

With a 9-33 record, what are the Warriors playing for?  As a Warriors fan, all I care about player development and losing games for a shot at Blake Griffin.  And tonight I got a healthy shot of both.  As a basketball fan it's a bit pathetic, but unlike years past, this Warriors team has a lot more upside than the "No Man's land" teams of Jaminson, J-Rich, and DunMurph. 

What's a No Man's land team you ask?  A team that is not good enough for the playoffs, but not bad enough for a top 10 pick and has no cap space to sign a top free agent.  That's no Man's land. 

These Warriors are different.  We're currently slated for the seventh pick in the draft and we do have a star player, he just happens to be a little to fond of riding his Moped real fast.  Now back to tonight's moral victory. 

Our young guards got a ton of playing time, and they continued to blossom. Unfortunately Randolph got sparse playing time once again.  I thought he could've  definitely been given some minutes at Center against the outside shooting Nenad Krstic.  Morrow, Buike, and CJ had nice offensive games and CJ came up with a clutch steal and bucket. 

The game was close with the Morrow, CJ, and Buike playing down the stretch and coming back to take the lead.  Only a Jeff Green turnaround at the buzzer kept them from the victory.  Natural reaction forced me to groan at the unexpected, but then visions of Blake Griffin dunking down low in a Warrior uni made me grin. 

I realized that the Thunder may play themselves out of the Blake Griffin sweepstakes.  The Cavs come in on Friday, and I can't wait for another moral victory.  As a Warrior fan call me whatever you want; pathetic, pitiful, deplorable, sorry, whatever.  I'm just a wretched Warrior fan seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.