Colorado Avalanche: Building For The Past

Mel ToliaoCorrespondent IFebruary 28, 2008

Is there a team better equipped to win the Stanley Cup in 2001 than the Colorado Avalanche?

They've got Sakic, Smyth, Theodore, Forsberg and Adam Foote. This team would be near unstoppable around that time. I have a feeling that they were trying to get Federov in the package for Adam Foote, but that Columbus wouldn't give up a Time Machine, which was a deal breaker from Colorado's point of view.

Of course, this dwarfs the Phoenix Suns attempt to build a team for the past. They only have two guys on their team that would be superstars in the 1998 era (Shaq and Mr. Tamia himself, Grant Hill). This also means that Smytty has been relegated to the 'wide-eyed' youngster role of the team.

Couple of other thoughts on deadline day:

I'm in support of what the Pens did on deadline day. Even though Hossa isn't assured to re-sign in the offseason and the Pens gave up tons of prospects, I think its a good risk. Two years ago, everyone said that Angelo Esposito would be the consensus No. 1 pick in the '07 draft and then he didn't even make the Canadian Junior team.

These guys are prospects, there's at least a 50% chance that the kids could end up just like Alexandre Daigle or Jason Bonsignore. In return, Pittsburgh ends up with a top notch winger that can play with Crosby and will be incredibly helpful when the real Petr Sykora shows up.

I also think Montreal did alright in dealing Huet. I know he was the starter and he was a great goalie, but did you know he was 32 years old? He's actually turning 33 this year (according to Wikipedia). Carey Price is good and Jan Halak is decent.

You might as well try and build around Price because the Habs probably won't win the cup this year, especially missing out on Hossa.