2012 NFL Draft: Michael Floyd and 6 Other Overrated 1st Round Prospects

Christopher Amick@https://twitter.com/#!/TheAmickCorrespondent IApril 12, 2012

2012 NFL Draft: Michael Floyd and 6 Other Overrated 1st Round Prospects

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    The NFL draft is a few weeks away and nothing is more amusing than watching the frenzy that happens this time of year.

    It has become humorous to see players' values fluctuate without them even playing a down of football, but right now there are some grossly overrated prospects making their way up on many draft boards.

    The months leading up to the annual draft are a sight to see. Every nugget of game film is dissected, all test scores are scrutinized and the stocks of future NFL players rise and fall quicker than the Dow Jones.

    There are players every year who inflate their value due to an excellent pro day or combine workout but fail to match the hype when they reach the NFL level.

    The flip side of this is seeing a player run a less than impressive 40-yard dash and then watching his stock plummet.

    None of these measureables do much to tell if a football player can perform on the field and only time will tell if these draft picks can ever live up to expectations.

Michael Floyd, Wide Receiver

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    There are not many players in this draft that invoke spirited debate quite like Notre Dame receiver Michael Floyd.

    Floyd has produced in every one of his seasons in South Bend, but character issues and questions about his game speed have caused varying reports on his value.

    Some have likened him to Arizona Cardinals wideout Larry Fitzgerald and a few experts have him rated higher than Justin Blackmon. Other scouts have him slated in the later part of the first round.

    His size and athleticism has NFL scouts drooling but his recent performance at his pro day has Floyd's stock remarkably higher than it should be.

Dontari Poe, Defensive Tackle

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    The polar opposite of Floyd when it comes to college production is Dontari Poe, and he has NFL teams salivating over his size and potential despite the fact his that numbers at the college level have been average.

    Poe started for three years at Memphis but didn't shoot up draft boards until he had a freakish workout at the combine.

    Recording a 4.98-second 40-yard dash at an astonishing 346 pounds, he turned himself into the highest ranked defensive tackle in the draft.

    Poe has a unique blend of size and quickness but he has used one workout to turn himself into the hottest defensive commodity in the draft without deserving to be so.

Ryan Tannehill, Quarterback

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    One sure-fire way to tell that the NFL is a quarterback driven league? A former college receiver is now being considered a Top-Five pick, and that man is Ryan Tannehill.

    Tannehill didn't start at quarterback until halfway through his junior season at Texas A&M. He has only started 20 games but played well in his senior year.

    There is a huge talent drop-off after the top two quarterbacks are taken this year, and Tannehill is benefiting greatly from that. He also is fortunate that two other top players, Matt Barkley and Landry Jones, have decided to play their senior seasons.

    The new rookie salary cap is in effect now and whichever team picks him won't have to pay much, but Tannehill's value is dramatically overrated due to the lack of quarterback talent in this draft.

Quinton Coples, Defensive End

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    Quinton Coples racked up plenty of sacks last season at North Carolina but he is also one of the most perplexing prospects in the draft.

    Coples is a gifted athlete and grades out well as a true defensive end, but many wonder if he can be an every-down player in the league.

    Coples has tons of talent but it remains a question if he can translate his skill set to linebacker at the NFL level, and that could keep some 3-4 teams from picking him at a high spot.

Brock Osweiler, Quarterback

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    Originally seen as a fourth- or fifth-round pick at the end of the season, Arizona State's Brock Osweiler has skyrocketed up draft boards due to his size and arm strength.

    Now seen as a possible day-one pick, Osweiler will likely be the fourth quarterback off the board in this year's draft.

    His stock is only inflated because of the premium placed on the QB position lately, and Osweiler is still viewed as a project by a number of scouts.

Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, Quarterbacks

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    This is one way to add some juice to the comment section of this article, but it's fair to say that Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III are both overrated in some capacity.

    Luck has everything going for him when it pertains to being a quarterback in the NFL. His size, arm strength and accuracy should make him the first pick overall.

    Griffin is one of the most gifted college athletes to ever to play the position and is a marketing director's dream with his trademark style and nickname. "RG3" has already been seen on license plates in Maryland.

    Luck is considered one of the safest bets in the draft in years and Griffin is an undeniable talent, but it will take Hall of Fame careers from both to live up to the hype surrounding these two.