Boston Celtics: 4 Reasons Kevin Garnett Must Be Brought Back Next Season

Sean Delorge@@sdelorgeCorrespondent IIIApril 11, 2012

Boston Celtics: 4 Reasons Kevin Garnett Must Be Brought Back Next Season

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    The Boston Celtics' recent success begs the question, should they re-sign Kevin Garnett?

    The Celtics have seemingly turned back the clock to the 2008 NBA Playoffs, the last time they won the championship.

    Part of the reason for the success has been Garnett. He has found the fountain of youth since he became the team’s starting center.

    After refusing to break up the Big Three at the trading deadline, Danny Ainge must decide if he will let Garnett walk away at the end of the season or if he should re-sign him and hope for the best.

    Here are four reasons why Ainge should re-sign Garnett.

Kevin Garnett Is the Best Center Available

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    For those who think this is a crazy idea, I have one question for you: If not Kevin Garnett, then who is your starting center next season?

    I can’t envision Greg Stiemsma starting for this team. Doc Rivers’ head would explode.

    Roy Hibbert is the best option, but he is a pipe dream. The Indiana Pacers will match any offer that he receives, so Hibbert is out of the question.

    Garnett is the best option for the Celtics despite fans wanting to move on. KG can help with the development of JaJuan Johnson, and if they draft a center in the first round, he can take him under his wing as well.

You Don’t Want to Play Against Garnett

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    Garnett isn’t the player he once was, but he can still shoot and play great defense.

    The last thing the Celtics want is to let him leave only for him sign with another contender and be forced to play against him next year.

    The Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder would welcome Garnett with open arms, and he would be the perfect fit for both teams.

    Garnett would become the Heat’s starting center, adding toughness and experience to a team that seems one player away from winning a championship.

    In Oklahoma City, Garnett would rejoin former Celtic Kendrick Perkins and could play both the center and power forward position. His experience and defense are just what the Thunder lack. The Thunder may already be the best team in the Western Conference, but Garnett would make them even better.

If You Bring Back Garnett, Ray Allen Is More Likely to Return

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    The Celtics unfortunately don’t have a lot of options in the offseason. This year’s free-agent class lacks the cache of years past.

    The best option for the Celtics is to retain both Garnett and Ray Allen. In order to convince Allen to stay, the Celtics need to re-sign Garnett as well.

    Both have shown that they are still in great shape and can play at a high level. Bringing both players back gives the Celtics a chance to contend. The Celtics can bring back Jeff Green, who is recovering from a life-threatening ailment and sign a mid-tier free agent and they would have a chance against the Bulls and Heat.

Re-Sign Garnett and Trade Him at the Deadline

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    As I mentioned, Garnett is the best option for the Celtics. This is a terrible year for free agents and the Celtics are in a win-win situation be re-signing Garnett.

    If Garnett continues to thrive as a center and the Celtics are able to add another piece to their core via the draft, free agency or a trade, then they can contend next season.

    If the Celtics re-sign Garnett and fall apart, they can trade him at the deadline and get pieces to help rebuild going forward.

    By not trading Garnett at the deadline and letting him leave when the season ends, the Celtics don’t get anything in return for the expiring contract. Re-signing Garnett this offseason and trading him later—if they fall apart—will at least give them something in return.