5 MLB Players Who Have Absolutely Lost Their Minds

Colton Kokrda@kokrdaCorrespondent IApril 11, 2012

5 MLB Players Who Have Absolutely Lost Their Minds

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    Major League Baseball is full of a variety of personalities, but there are always the select few individuals that seem to persistently catch your eye. These types of players can be described as crazy, out-there or unique, or you could say they just plain lost their mind.

    Looking through the history of baseball, there have been some unique personalities to come through. From closers who try their best to intimidate others to players with alter-egos, the list can be as long as you can imagine.

    Here are five current or former players who have lost their minds.

Turk Wendell, Retired Reliever

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    One of the craziest pitchers to play the game was Turk Wendell. He may also have been one of the most superstitious players.

    According to Ryan Murphy of Men's Fitness, some of Wendell's superstitions included chewing black licorice while pitching, brushing his teeth in between innings, always hopping over the baseline and wearing a necklace of teeth from animals he hunted.

    He also requested in 2000 that the New York Mets sign him to a contract of $9,999,999.99 to honor his number of 99.

    Wendell was one player who was not afraid to call out people on steroids use. According to NBCSports.com, he claimed that Sammy Sosa "obviously" used steroids, and also claimed that Barry Bonds used steroids, just by looking at his body transformation.

Jose Canseco, Retired Outfielder

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    Jose Canseco has led the charge against steroid use in baseball.

    He was the player that came out with his book Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant 'Roids, Smash Hits & How Baseball Got Big, which opened the box on the steroids issue.

    Canseco claimed many players such as Mark McGuire, Ivan Rodriguez, Rafael Palmerio and Jason Giambi all took steroids with him while playing for the Oakland Athletics.

    Many of Canseco's claims have been validated, but some are still not proven.

    After retiring from baseball, Canseco picked up boxing and mixed martial arts, where he has not been very successful, getting knocked out in multiple fights.


John Rocker, Retired Reliever

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    One of the most controversial players of all time was John Rocker.

    Rocker debuted in 1998 and became the full-time closer for the Atlanta Braves in 1999.

    His career looked promising until he gave an interview with Sports Illustrated in 2000.

    In the interview, he made extremely racist, homophobic and sexist remarks regarding New York City. He stated he would never play in New York because he wouldn't want to ride a bus next to "some queer with AIDS" or people that don't speak English.

    His incredibly brash remarks in today's society earn him a spot in the all-time nutjob category.

Nyjer Morgan/T-Plush, Outfielder

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    Nyjer Morgan has one of the most unique personalities in the game today.

    While he was known in Washington for his temper and throwing a glove down on a missed catch rather than chasing after the ball, he has cleaned his act up with the Milwaukee Brewers.

    Now he has adapted the persona of Tony Plush. Anytime a player comes up with an alter-ego, you know you are in for a treat.

    Just watch the video and you'll see it all.

Brian Wilson, Closer

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    Brian Wilson is arguably one of the most intimidating players in baseball today.

    Since becoming the closer for the San Francisco Giants, he has grown his beard, and it has become the signature look for the closer.

    There are shirts available that state fear the beard to go along with his personality.

    It takes a unique personality to be able to pull that type of character off in professional baseball.