Lamar Odom and the Dallas Mavericks "Part Ways"

BR5Daily ShowApril 10, 2012

Lamar Odom and the Dallas Mavericks are no longer together, well, sort of. 

This addition of BR5+ looks at the story, and speculates as to what could have caused this experiment in Dallas to fail. Who is to blame? BR5+ says it could be Odom for not buying in to being a Maverick, the Lakers for dangling him in a trade, or Khloe Kardashian, for being a Kardashian. 

Odom's side of the story went a little like this:

"The Mavericks and I have mutually agreed that it's in the best interest of both parties for me to step away from the team," Odom said Monday in a statement to

"I'm sorry that things didn't work out better for both of us, but I wish the Mavs' organization, my teammates and Dallas fans nothing but continued success in the defense of their championship."

The Mavericks apparently intend to list him as inactive for the rest for the season, and they owe Odom the remainder of his $8.9 Million salary this season.


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