WWE: Why Cody Rhodes Now Has a Clear Shot to the Top

Sammy Sucu@oblivion08Senior Analyst IApril 11, 2012

Photo by WWE.com
Photo by WWE.com

After losing his Intercontinental Championship to The Big Show at WrestleMania 28, "Dashing" Cody Rhodes is now free to enter main-event status.

There is no other mid-carder that is as worthy as Rhodes. He has been one of the most exciting all-around wrestlers in the company. His skills on the microphone are incredible. Rhodes has the voice, the attitude and enough of the "it factor" to make him a top star in this company. 

Like Randy Orton, Rhodes might get a slighter push to the top because he is the son of a WWE legend, Dusty Rhodes. Being the son of a legend is not the only thing that will get him to the top, just ask his brother Goldust and his former tag-team partner Ted DiBiase Jr., but it will give him a little boost. 

Although it has not been the norm lately, the rise of a WWE star begins to plateau after he held a mid-card belt for a while then lost it. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H and some of the other great legends won an Intercontinental or U.S. Title before winning the top belt. 

The "Dashing One" has been in the middle of the card for way too long now, and he is now free to skyrocket to the top. Although Rhodes may be able to achieve the rise to the top on his current show, Friday Night SmackDown, it would benefit his image a lot more if he were on Monday Night RAW

With the WWE draft approaching on April 23, Rhodes may be traded from SmackDown to RAW to make him more of a household name. If Rhodes is on RAW, he will be exposed again to more viewers.

Photo by WWE.com
Photo by WWE.com

It would make perfect sense if he went there because he is in need of more exposure. Rhodes is one of the better young talents in the WWE and will carry the torch when a lot of the veterans decide to hang it up. 

The WWE did a good job of keeping him with SmackDown as he developed into a great talent, but now it is time to put him on the best show with their best title. 

He will have a much better opportunity if he is able to switch shows, but it will not stunt his growth if he were not traded. The feuds would be a lot better on RAW because there is more talent to work with. 

There are plenty of babyfaces on RAW that Rhodes can feud with. He may need to enter a feud or two on RAW before entering main-event status. As long as Rhodes does not divert from being a heel, his potential feuds on RAW will be one interesting sight to see. 

Once the epic feud between Chris Jericho and CM Punk is over, Rhodes should interfere and start a new feud with Punk. 

Smart money says Punk will keep the WWE Championship around his waist once the feud is over because he is the top guy in the company now. Punk will need a new heel to feud with. Punk has just about had beef with every heel on the RAW roster. One heel he has not had a feud with is Rhodes. 

There won't be much of a drop off from Jericho to Rhodes. Like Jericho, Rhodes is solid on the microphone and can keep a feud alive with mic skills. Also like Jericho, when a fight is going to go down, Rhodes will put on a great show for the crowd with his top-notch wrestling ability. 

The mind games that Rhodes plays with his opponents parallels Jericho's. The way he uses everything to his advantage screams Jericho as well. 

However, if the "Dashing One" is sent to RAW or kept on SmackDown only to fight for mid-card belts, he may face the same fate that Dolph Ziggler has by staying in mid-card purgatory. 

Fortunately for Rhodes and his fans, this won't happen to him. Rhodes is on par with Ziggler's wrestling ability, but he is much better at cutting promos.  

But I digress.

The sky is the limit for young Rhodes. Wrestling fans should expect to see a lot of him in the coming years because he will lead the new era of talented superstars in the WWE for all the reasons stated above.


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