Professional Wrestling: Scott Hall Arrested Again

Chris Elliott@@NaturalBrn3illaContributor IIIApril 10, 2012


Another sad chapter in the life of the former WWF/WCW headliner. 

Scott Hall was arrested for allegedly choking his girlfriend in an alcohol--induced rage last Friday.


It doesn't seem so long ago that Scott Hall was a major player in the wrestling game.

Now the former Intercontinental Champion is just a shell of his former self.

Sadly, this seems to be a natural regression in the sport of professional wrestling. It seems that only the rare few actually age gracefully and retire to a life of (some what) leisure.

How many times have we read about another former "superstar" falling from the heavens? 

Whether it be from drugs, alcohol, bankruptcy or domestic violence, it seems like former and still active (but should have long since retired) wrestlers have a considerable amount of trouble getting acclimated to normal life outside of the ring. 

Maybe it is the fall from the stars. The feeling of self-imposed worthlessness when you go from headliner to mid-card wrestler to dark-match jobber. Not that all wrestlers end up in this severe a circumstance but when you go from holding 30,000 people in the palm of your hand to being a "has-been," something has to give. 


Scott Hall has had his bouts with the bottle. It has been well-documented and even spoofed (unfortunately) on WCW broadcasts. So there is no surprise that this incident was seemingly fueled by alcohol.

However, many do not know why. 

Many do not understand the circumstances that started Scott Hall on this vicious rollercoaster. 

In a documentary done on ESPN, Hall admitted to killing a man in self defense and although he was acquitted, the guilt of what happened and the ready availability of drugs and alcohol in the locker room helped to fuel an already existent problem.

Hall has tried rehab multiple times and always fallen back into the deadly spiral that has ruined the careers and taken the lives of some of his colleagues. The road to his recovery will not be an easy one and in the end, it will depend on Hall himself.

Let us all hope and pray that Scott Hall can overcome the past, overcome his present and look toward a substance free future.

I for one do not want to see another former great wrestler taken from us too soon.