The 2008-09 B/R College Football Playoff Quarterfinals: Florida vs. Penn State

David ArreolaSenior Analyst IJanuary 22, 2009

Welcome fellow college football fans!

Like many of you, I hate the BCS and everything it stands for. It really is the most hated business entity in America.

Most of us spend hours arguing about who deserves to play in the national championship game, and more hours developing a playoff system for the future.

So what about this year?

Honestly, this was one of those years where I would have walked up to the following men and slapped them in the face.

David Frohnmayer - President, University of Oregon
Rev. John Jenkins - President, University of Notre Dame
Robert Khayat - Chancellor, University of Mississippi
Mark A. Nordenberg - President, University of Pittsburgh
John G. Peters - President, Northern Illinois University
Harvey Perlman - Chancellor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Graham Spanier - President, The Pennsylvania State University
Charles W. Steger - President, Virginia Tech University

Those are the members of the Presidential Oversight Committee. I list their names so you know who is to blame for our many hours of arguing.

Way to go guys.

Ok, back on topic. A playoff? That would be cool.

I decided to take matters into my own hands and hold my own eight-team playoff. Who will decide the winners? You and me, B/R.

It's simple, I post an article showing the match-up and give a bit of a breakdown. You vote for the winner, with the school earning the most votes to move on.

Because I don't believe in the BCS, the eight teams that will be in the playoff will be the top eight teams in the final AP poll.

The playoff will be seed based, one vs. eight , two vs. seven, and so on.

Here are the matchups.

(1) Florida Gators vs. (8) Penn State Nittany Lions

(2) Utah Utes vs. (7) TCU Horned Frogs

(3) USC Trojans vs. (6) Alabama Crimson Tide

(4) Texas Longhorns vs. (5) Oklahoma Sooners

All games would be played at neutral sites and the teams would feature their 2008 rosters. Here is a more in-depth look at the first game.

Quarterfinal Matchup: (1) Florida Gators vs. (8) Penn State Nittany Lions

The Gators will win because...

The Gators are fast, really fast. Florida's offense will be too much for Penn State's defense to handle. They run the spread offense to near perfection, and Penn State's defense is not used to such speed at every position.

Additionally, the Florida defense can confuse even the most complex of offenses. Just look at the BCS Championship when they dominated a high-powered Oklahoma attack.

Look for the ninth ranked pass defense to make plays, and lots of them.

Tim Tebow should be able to find his receivers all, day as the Gators are fourth nationally in passing efficiency.


The Nittany Lions will win because...

The defense can create some pressure on Tebow, which is key. In the past, the Gators have shown a weakness in this area. A mixture of poor offensive line play and Tebow holding onto the ball too long has led to some protection struggles.

While it will be tough to get pressure on Tebow, who has a speedy backfield to rely on, I believe the Penn State linebackers will be able to complete the task. Players like Maurice Evans will get into the backfield and make life easier for their linebackers.


My Pick

I have a lot of respect for Penn State and rooted for them against USC. So my prediction is not meant to disrespect Penn State. It is that I believe the Gators are that much better.

Gators win, 49-17


Your turn

Here is your chance to vote on who you think would win this matchup.

I don't want my prediction to sway any of your votes, but for argument's sake, I will be making picks. My pick will mean nothing if the polls say otherwise.

Thank you to all who participate!