NBA Players We Love to See Posterized

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NBA Players We Love to See Posterized

Outside of a buzzer-beating game winner, what other play makes 20,000 fans get out of their seats at the same time?

The poster dunk. A posterization, or a play where one players dunks over the top of a defender, is one of the most exciting plays that happen in basketball.

It could easily constitute as a form of abuse and could also be considered as a felony if the defender wants to press charges. While some of these dunks will get repelled or taken back by a foul, when it happens, it brings immediate electricity in the air.

A posterization could even go as far as changing the outcome of the game. It could easily swing momentum if a game is close or a team needs to make a run. There's no better way to fire up your teammates and fans than jumping so high over a defender that you dunk the ball on the top of their head.

Maybe world leaders should just watch players dunk on each other. There's no better way of connecting with someone you either don't know or don't like than watching an amazing basketball play occur.

There also happen to be certain players that we enjoy seeing get dunked on more than other players. Let's take a look at the 10 players we love to see getting dunked on.

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