WWE Wackiness: More Crazy Wrestling Photoshops from Around the Web

Drake Oz@drakeozbrSenior Writer IIApril 12, 2012

WWE Wackiness: More Crazy Wrestling Photoshops from Around the Web

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    It's back.

    I've spent several hours over the course of the last month scouring the Internet for ridiculous WWE Photoshops, and I've literally found thousands upon thousands of them.

    Most of them are so suggestive and graphic that I can't even put them here on B/R, but I've got some more for you today—a nice mix of some PG Photoshops sprinkled in with some not-so-PG ones.

    Alright, let's get to it.

    Here are more crazy wrestling Photoshops from around the web.

Tag-Team Time

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    The other day, I got into a huge argument with my mom, dad and brother.

    My dad and I were on one side of the argument, while my brother and mom were on the other side.

    Before we could settle the dispute, however, Teddy Long walked through the front door of my house and did that for us by booking a tag-team match.

The Broskitaker

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    I know that some wrestling fans really want to see The Undertaker come back as the American Badass.

    But you know what? I say screw the American Badass, the Phenom, the Deadman and the Last Outlaw.

    If Undertaker is going to change his gimmick, give us The Broskitaker, please. 

The Bachelorette

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    Did you miss the storyline between Kane, Eve, Zack Ryder and John Cena?

    No worries. This one picture sums up the entire thing for you.

    I'm not quite sure how David Otunga fits into all of this, but there seem to be hundreds of Photoshops out there with Otunga popping up into random photos with that ridiculous grin on his face.

    And yes, they're all equally as awesome as this one.


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    Back in February, an interesting backstage report on The Miz emerged.

    Check it out, courtesy of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (via WrestlingInc.com):

    The Miz has as much heat as anyone in WWE, but it has little to do with him not catching R-Truth during the Six-Pack Challenge on last week's Raw SuperShow. Rather, the animosity is being attributed to his obnoxious behavior, as many of his co-workers are turned off by it.

    "The feeling is he's like a little frat boy who is loud and has to be the center of attention," the Wrestling Observer reports.

    Ah, finally an explanation.

CM Punk Is Not Impressed

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    "Put me in that STF all you want, John. I don't feel a damn thing."

Otunga the Perv

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    Three things I know about this picture:

    1. I wouldn't mind switching spots with David Otunga, even though this is kind of creepy.
    2. Kelly Kelly is definitely not sober.
    3. Somewhere, Jennifer Hudson is livid.

Take It Like a Champ

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    The best type of censorship is unnecessary censorship, and that's exactly what this is.

    Judging by the rest of Bobby Lashley's exterior, however, I would really hate to be William Regal at this particular moment. 

    In fact, I think I'd prefer prison.


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    Even Michael Cole knows that Michael Cole is annoying.

    I really wish Randy Orton would take him up on that request.

Flying High

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    The best part about this is not that Evan Bourne and R-Truth are getting high with SpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick and, for some reason, Shaggy.

    It's that they have to get totally baked to turn on an episode of TNA Impact.

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