15 Most Boneheaded Moments of the NBA Season

Lindsey Young@@lilshortie2712Correspondent IIApril 11, 2012

15 Most Boneheaded Moments of the NBA Season

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    Every season, NBA fans, players and media partners alike can acknowledge various moments of stupidity that took place either on or off the court.

    This year's no different.

    From fans sitting on the Dallas Mavericks bench to Kevin Love being suspended for stepping on Luis Scola's face, here are the top 15 (in no particular order) bone-headed moments of the 2011-2012 NBA season.

Fans "Sitting" on Dallas Mavericks Bench

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    On Jan. 10, two fans were seen sitting on the Mavs bench between Vince Carter and the rest of the Dallas lineup.

    The video went viral for a day, and it was later discovered that the fans were Aaron Cohen and a man who goes by Chris Smokes on Twitter.

    Apparently, it wasn't quite as crazy of a situation as everyone liked to believe. Cohen and "Smokes" purchased the seats next to the bench (for the mere price of $750) and then decided to get a little closer to the action by moving down a few spots.

    These two definitely got the attention they were looking for.

Blake Griffin Airballs Back-to-Back Free Throws

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    Don't get me wrong, I hold a huge level of respect for LA Clippers' forward Blake Griffin. He's an amazing ball player capable of dunks that make the highlight reel nearly every week.

    However, the guy does not impress at the free-throw line.

    You remember what it's like to watch Shaq shoot from the line, right?

    In mid March, Griffin air-balled back-to-back shots from the charity stripe, and you can't help but groan.

David Stern Vetoes Chris Paul to LA Trade

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    There are definitely varying opinions on this topic, but most would agree that David Stern got just a little too involved in this transaction.

    In a stunning turn of events in December, Stern vetoed the three-team trade that would have sent guard Chris Paul to the Lakers.

    The veto resulted in plenty of frustrated individuals, including a disgruntled Pau Gasol, who the Lakers tried to deal to Houston but were then "forced" to keep in LA.

Kobe Bryant Suffers Broken Nose in 2012 NBA All-Star Game

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    Generally intended primarily for fan entertainment, players often remain more reserved during the All-Star Game, wanting at all costs to avoid any type of injury.

    Ironically enough, then, LA Laker Kobe Bryant suffered a broken nose after taking an hard foul to the face by Miami guard Dwyane Wade.

    After the game, Bryant donned a face mask for regular-season contests. 

Kevin Hart Ejected from 2012 All-Star Celebrity Game

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    With 1:09 remaining in the 2012 NBA All-Star Celebrity Game, comedian Kevin Hart found himself pegged with a foul beneath the basket.

    Hart reacted by yelling at the female referee and dropping an expletive, after which the ref tacked him with a technical. The comedian then removed his jersey and one of his shoes, resulting in a second technical and automatic ejection.

    Although the "temper tantrum" may have been done in good fun and been found entertaining, the entire spectacle was uncalled for and immature. Hart even suggested he was going to remove his shorts before settling down and apologizing to Dwight Howard.

    Even more ironically?

    Hart still won the celebrity game MVP.

Nick Young Misses Breakaway Layup Against Lakers

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    There's not much to say about this one.

    I've seen players get overeager on breakaways and miss layups, but this one is definitely unforgettable.

    Needless to say, I don't know that Nick Young will ever live this down.

Minnesota Timberwolves' Martell Webster Forgets How to Count to 3

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    Minnesota Timberwolves 99, Denver Nuggets 102

    With less than four seconds remaining in overtime, the Wolves thought they had a chance to save the game when Martell Webster stole the ball and took off down the court.

    Webster could have tied the contest from behind the arc. Instead, he drove the lane and landed a slam dunk...just before the time ran out and Minnesota lost. 

    Apparently, Webster forgot that a dunk only earns you two points.

Metta World Peace: Worst in-Bound Pass Ever

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    I really try to stray away from the use of satire in my writing, but I can't really help myself when it comes to incidents involving Metta World Peace.

    The player formally known as Ron Artest commits a major in-bound blunder in this video, and the play is blown.

    Maybe one bad decision tends to follow another...

Kobe Bryant Buffs Jeff Van Gundy's Head During Warmups

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    This is just one of those moments that I think Bryant would have taken back in hindsight.

    During pregame warmups, Kobe approaches announcer Jeff Van Gundy and "buffs" his head on live TV.

    Had Van Gundy not appeared a bit embarrassed, the minor prank may have been overlooked. However, the entire incident is one of ill-timing and childish behavior.

Kevin Love Steps on Luis Scola's Face

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    Over a three-game period, Minnesota and Houston ignited quite the little rivalry.

    In this at-home contest for the Timberwolves, forward Kevin Love steps on Luis Scola's face in a move that looks to be intentional.

    Although Love later denied any ill intentions and apologized for the play, he found himself accepting a two-game suspension for the dirty move.

JaVale McGee Runs the Wrong Direction

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    JaVale McGee has great speed in getting back on transition.

    The problem is, he doesn't realize that, uh, the play hasn't moved to the other end just yet.

JaVale McGee Makes Horrible Goal-Tending Play

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    At 7'0", JaVale McGee puts up 11 points, 8.3 rebounds and 2.4 blocks per game.

    On the flip side, however, he could make an entire blooper reel all on his own. He makes two of the top 15 plays with this terrible goal-tending penalty against the Kings.

Disrespects Ricky Rubio

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    Joel Przybilla doesn't exactly hold a reputation of good sportsmanship, and in this game against Minnesota, he forcefully walks right over Ricky Rubio, forcing the rookie's head into a not-so-pleasant area.

    JJ Barea shows some protectiveness, getting into the big man's face after the incident. Had the six-footer continued the altercation, there may have been two boneheaded moments in this video.

Cleveland Cavaliers Trade Ramon Sessions to the LA Lakers

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    Trading Ramon Sessions could be a bad move primarily in hindsight, now that Cleveland is suffering the loss of Kyrie Irving due to a shoulder injury.

    There's no doubt about it, though—L.A. definitely got the better end of this deal. Sessions is thriving in purple and gold, and the Cavs will certainly regret this decision long-term.

Golden State Warriors Trade Monta Ellis to Milwaukee Bucks

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    Even Milwaukee Bucks fans had to be a little surprised when they heard the news that Monta Ellis was headed to the Midwest.

    Ellis' reaction in this interview says it all...GS clearly didn't think this one through.