Skip Bayless Video: Watch Jalen Rose Call out ESPN Shock Jock on Claims

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Skip Bayless has no problem speaking the truth—but by the look on his face, he has some issue with the truth being thrown in his face on live TV. 

ESPN's First Take saw something rather interesting on Tuesday. I don't mean there was a quiet calm, because that would be eerie and unnatural. No, the gasbags were in fine form, and talking at a level properly called shouting. 

Then came a moment that had some fans jumping for joy and others simply saying, "Wow."

Former NBA player turned basketball analyst Jalen Rose called out Skip Bayless for a less-than-prolific high school basketball career. 

The look on Bayless' face was just this side of priceless, but there is some explaining that needs to be done. 

For that, we tip our hat to blog The Last Ogle that reports on some tweets sent by Bayless recently, and the real truth behind his claims. 

Essentially, the tweets were to make himself out to be some sort of high school basketball star. In reality, the man played 21 minutes as a senior in 15 games, averaging 1.4 points per game.

So when you are savoring this video like a fine wine, realize that Rose is making a direct reference to reports that have called out Bayless' claims for being someone he is not.

There is nothing wrong with being a columnist that wasn't a success as an athlete. There is no shame in that, and we are all better off having him as a thought-provoking sports mind.

Sure, Jalen Rose may be retired, but he just gave us the highlight of the day.


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