Why Is Shane Mosley Fighting Antonio Margarito?

Barry EisenmanContributor IJanuary 21, 2009

I've given this fight much thought over the past few weeks and I'm glad it's not on Pay Per View. Other than being on the receiving end of millions of dollars I can't for the life of me understand why Mosley, who has already made millions, wants to be on the receiving end of Antonio Margarito's relentless pressure and stinging punches.

Let's be frank. Cotto never fully recovered from his fight with Mosley and couldn't deal with Margarito's style, or relentlessness.

In turn, Mosley never fully recovered from his fight with Cotto and it showed during his rather pathetic showing against a washed up Ricardo Mayorga. Even though Mosley knocked him out it took him 12 grueling rounds to do so.

Bottom line, Margarito is simply too big, too strong, and too tough for Shane Mosley. If the Mayorga fight is any indication of what he has left, then he has absolutely no business fighting, and I hope he does not get hurt.

More importantly, he has nothing more to accomplish in the ring other than padding his bank account. 

Margarito, as always, will press forward and soften up Mosley's body, but he will also aim to hit anything he can.

Mosley will be a game fighter for a while, about four or five rounds, then he'll slow and cave to the pressure, then eventually realize his fate in round nine.

Mosley will box for a while, but as soon as he gets rocked, he'll switch to counterpunching. Mosley's only hope is to catch Margarito within the first two rounds.

That will be a daunting task given that Margarito has a rock solid chin. Cotto hit him with everything he had, and Margarito walked right through him. The outcome of Margarito-Mosley will be no different.

I hope for the sake of his family Mosley will come to his senses, and retire after this fight win, lose, or draw.