Farewell, Jim Powell

Bleacher Report Senior Analyst IJanuary 21, 2009

No matter how you spend your time during Brewers games, you're going to be in for a much different experience this year. If you're a TV guy, you'll be without Trenni K. But if you're a radio guy, get used to listening to broadcasts without the sweet sound of Jim Powell.

Powell has accepted to contribute to the radio broadcasts of the Atlanta Braves, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. However, it doesn't look like he'll be the lead play-by-play man, as we initially would have thought. The Braves are also looking to bring back Don Sutton (father for former Brewer TV man Daron) and pair him with Powell.

Either way, this is a big hit for Milwaukee fans, especially those who like to listen to the Brewers on the AM dial. Powell and Uecker have had a natural chemistry together for the last 13 years, and no Powell will definitely mean a void in the quality of the broadcast.

It's also unfortunate because many of us had thought Powell would be the natural and only logical successor to the great Bob Uecker once he finally hung it up.

So now the search for a replacement begins, and it's apparently something the Brewers have been preparing for. If I am reading this posting right, Tom Haudricourt is considering applying for the gig.

Please God, no. Haudricourt already serves his purpose as the person who posts the lineups three hours before the game and has a big ego for doing it.

No matter who fills the spot, next year just won't be the same. On TV or on the radio.