Paulina Gretzky and 20 Women Who Need a Job in Sports

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterApril 10, 2012

Paulina Gretzky and 20 Women Who Need a Job in Sports

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    Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky's eldest daughter Paulina first started grabbing headlines with her super sexy online persona in late 2011. The Great One was reportedly less than thrilled with about Paulina's round-the-clock penchant for posting provocative photos of herself on Twitter. 

    It was assumed that daddy finally put his foot down when her Twitter account disappeared. But since it returned within days, perhaps Paulina just received a really long lecture and then went back to doing whatever the hell she wanted—just like the over-privileged, under-employed children of celebrities often do. 

    Paulina was back in the "news" again recently when TMZ spotted her in Los Angeles, out club-hopping in what looked liked lingerie—only less supportive. My first thought was that No. 99's head probably exploded when he saw that and my second thought was that someone should give this impulsive temptress a job in sports, stat! 

    Sure she's not qualified to do anything, but there are plenty of unqualified idiots working in most fields. I am just bored with a lot of the usual suspects (Erin Andrews etc.) these days and Paulina has been like a breath of fresh scandalous air. I'm just read for some new blood, scandalous or not, which is why I've put together a few suggestions. 

    Network executives and sports ownership should take some notes because here are 20 blissfully bangin' broads who would be boss additions to (almost) any team. 

20. Paulina Gretzky

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    So who is this girl: This lovely lady is Paulina Gretzky, the daughter of NHL legend Wayne "The Great One" Gretzky. You may recognize her from the Internet, where she appears frequently in various states of undress—much to the chagrin of her famous father.  

    What kind of job are we talkin: Good lord, anything! It's an absolute miracle that this girl isn't starring in Vivid's latest "stolen" home movie. Paulina just needs a job, but something tells me she hasn't worked (in the traditional sense) a day in her life.

    I'm thinking maybe one of those "in-game hostesses" for an NHL team might suit her...talents. Anything to keep Gretzky's eldest girl off the pole.    

19. Lilly Robbins

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    So who is this girl: Lilly Robbins is a (recently retired) five year veteran of the Miami Dolphins cheerleading squad. She's probably best recognized from her features (see photo) in Maxim magazine back in 2009. It's been years, but this photos is still floating around on a number of sites.  

    What kind of job are we talkin: Well unlike Ms. Gretzky, Lilly has actually got some real world job qualifications. She studied broadcasting in college and at some point hoped to get into sports broadcasting—plus five years as an NFL cheerleader means she's got personality too.

    I'm thinking she's got the stuff to be a FOXSports contributor—the hiring policy at FOX insists on-air females have the "4 B's" (blonde, beauty, brains and bustiness).

18. Kendall & Kylie Jenner

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    So who are these girls: Kendall and Kylie Jenner are the youngest of the Kardashian sisters. I've slowly come to accept that we'll never be rid of the Kardashians entirely, but perhaps we can trade the three older ones in for these two in a couple of years.

    What kind of job are we talkin: Generally I would think that girls this age (16) should be in school, but the Kardashian's don't seem to place a high value on education. These two are already working models, so they have time for a job in sports…but what job?

    I'm thinking something with the Lakers—PR internships to start, but these girls are nothing if not enterprising...they'd probably be running the show within days.

17. Kate Upton

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    So who is this girl: I don't think that this picture of perfection actually needs an introduction, but for the sake of consistency—this is model Kate Upton, the most recent cover girl for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and rumored squeeze of Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. 

    What kind of job are we talkin: The resplendent Ms. Upton is nothing short of stunning, but if you've seen her in interviews, you may have noticed that she doesn't exactly have a way with words—meaning news and live TV in general are out. 

    I'm thinking MTV gives her a "sports" reality show where she travels to hotspots like Miami and Las Vegas and parties with athletes. 

16. Natasha Wicks & Logan Stanton

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    So who are these girls: Natasha Wicks and Logan Stanton are former UFC ring girls who were unceremoniously fired in December, 2009. The circumstances behind their termination were a bit mysterious, but Stanton called the whole thing "very unprofessional." They've been modeling in recent years. 

    What kind of job are we talkin: Initially I was thinking doing the ring girl thing again would work—maybe joining forces with Mercedes and Jade at Bellator. I wouldn't blame them for wanting to avoid the who MMA scene entirely after the UFC debacle—but that would be a mistake. 

    MMA's popularity has skyrocketed in recent years and I'd like to see them covering the sport and conducting interviews for Yahoo! Sports. Maybe even co-hosting their own web series? 

15. Amber Lancaster

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    So who is this girl: Amber Lancaster is a former Seattle Seahawks cheerleader, current Price is Right model and aspiring actress who recently starred on MTV's (now cancelled) The Hard Times of RJ Berger. But she hasn't scored any noteworthy acting gigs in the last six months.  

    What kind of job are we talkin: Lancaster is a legit talent who has shined in a number of guest starring roles on television. Plus her past stint as a Seagal suggests she knows a little something about sports. 

    I'm thinking she might be ready for the big time—maybe stepping in to fill the shoes of Erin Andrews if ESPN is unable to renegotiate her contract and keep her there long-term?

14. Nadia Larysa

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    So who is this girl: Nadia Larysa is a former football player who played quarterback for the LFL's Chicago Bliss. In January 2011, she appeared in Playboy's LFL feature and expressed a desire to go into broadcasting. 

    What kind of job are we talkin: How about refereeing! She's already got the uniform apparently and the NBA loves hiring referees who don't seem to understand the job in the slightest. But if that doesn't work, maybe something actually in broadcasting. 

    I'm thinking she could get started covering a hometown team like the Blackhawks or White Sox for a Chicago local and see where that takes her.

13. Anastasia Ashley

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    So who is this girl: "Officially," Anastasia Ashley is a professional surfer who does some modeling on the side. The reality though is that she's way more model and reality star than surfer—which is for the best, because she's actually not all that great at surfing.  

    What kind of job are we talkin: In July 2011, Ashley actually appeared in Playboy—suggesting she has the ability to hide her physical revulsion around Hugh Hefner and is comfortable with nudity. Can't blame her on the latter, homegirl looks fiiiiiiiine.

    I'm thinking she could carve out a Playboy sports niche like Jaime Edmondson, but with a focus on extreme sports. 

12. Sabrina Maserati

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    So who is this girl: Sabrina Maserati is a former NBA dancer who used to shake it for Dwight Howard and the Magic in Orlando. Currently she's pulling double duty as a model and a marketing representative for a record label. 

    What kind of job are we talkin: In early 2012, Maserati was rumored to be dating Clippers superstar Blake Giffin, but said the story was just that—a rumor. Which is actually a good thing because WAG wasn't exactly what I had in mind for her. 

    I'm thinking this bi-costal beauty would make an excellent addition to TNT's ridiculous (but hilarious) Inside the NBA. A sultry field correspondent would add to an already interesting dynamic.  

11. Jessica Dorrell

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    So who is this girl: You probably recognize this suddenly famous blonde from the recent headlines she's been grabbing. Jessica Dorrell is the hot, young blonde that was gripped firmly to Arkansas head coach Bobby Petrino at the time of his (now) infamous motorcycle accident. 

    What kind of job are we talkin: Dorrell is a student-athlete who was hired by Petrino as a member of the football staff just days before the accident. Something tells me that whether or not her boyfriend (ewwwwwww) keeps his job, she's going to be looking for a new one. 

    I'm thinking she needs to strike while the iron is hot and try to parlay her new found fame into some kind of career that will distance her from Petrino—maybe sports blogging for Deadspin or Buzzfeed?

10. Mei-Ling Lam

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    So who is this girl: Mei-Ling Lam is a former beauty queen won Miss Maine Teen USA in 2001. Lam has since ditched the pageant world for the always colorful and laid back lifestyle of a Playboy Playmate. 

    What kind of job are we talkin: Well, you can't be a Playmate forever so Mei-Ling will eventually be looking for real work. She's a self-described Boston "Celtics super fan," so that may be a good place to start. 

    It's always good to start with what you know, so I'm thinking she could get started at NESN covering the Celtics. Mei-Ling would be a huge hit with players and fans alike. 

9. Lauren Gardner

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    So who is this girl: Lauren Gardner is a former Denver Broncos cheerleader who got her start working as an In Game Host for the Avalanche, Broncos and Rockies. You might recognize her best from a very memorable appearance in Maxim in which she donned a suede bikini. 

    What kind of job are we talkin: Gardner is a legit talent who has done work for a few major networks—CBS, ABC and FSN among them. More recently she's been covering the LFL for MTV. 

    I'm thinking that with her experience she could probably rock it at ESPN or FOX Sports, but I think she'd be a bigger fish in a smaller pond at the growing NBC sports network. 

8. April Justin

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    So who is this girl: April Justine is an LSU superfan and the mother of the Alabama bound safety Landon Collins. When Collins committed to Bama on live television in early 2012, a visibly irritated Justine made national news by insisting her son made the wrong decision. 

    What kind of job are we talkin: Obviously we aren't going to see Justine working anywhere near Tuscaloosa, but her brand of brutal and unabashed honesty definitely has a place in sports. 

    I'm thinking she needs a weekly LSU-focused radio call-in show—that's streamed on the web, so I can listen.

7. Adriana Lima & Gisele Bundchen

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    So who are these girls: Victoria's Secret Angels Adriana Lima and Gisele Bundchen are two of the most successful supermodels in the world and two of the hottest WAGs to boot! 

    What kind of job are we talkin: Neither of these two ridiculously wealthy super-WAGs are hurting for work—they've both got more than enough on their plates as it is. 

    Which is why I'm thinking they need to invest some of their vast fortunes in a sports franchise like the New Orleans Hornets. Sexiest owners ever.

6. Eliza Kruger

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    So who is this girl: Eliza Kruger is best known as the 17-year-old seductress that scored with Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez and then took to Facebook to brag about her conquest. 

    What kind of job are we talkin: Kruger (now 18) is an over-privileged hell raiser who reportedly misbehaved her way out of at least one private school in Connecticut. Meaning she's not exactly qualified for any real work and may not have even graduated high school.

    Be that as it may, I kind of love this girl and I'm thinking there's a place for her in the sports world. What did Jenn Sterger used to do for the Jets? I bet Kruger could handle whatever it was. 

5. Sara Davine

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    So who is this girl: The lovely Sara Davine is a three-year veteran cheerleader for the Atlanta Falcons. While she has loved shaking her pompoms for Matt Ryan and company, this University of Colorado graduate has her sites set on a completely different type of sideline work. 

    What kind of job are we talkin: Ms. Davine has been working in sports for almost five years now in a number of different capacities—her resume includes production, freelance writing and sports blogging. Recently she's been working to establish a name for herself as an on-air talent. 

    I'm thinking Sara is more than ready to make some waves as a sports reporter for a local network affiliate—I know for a fact that the nation's capital could use someone to fill the void left when Lindsay Czarniak fled for ESPN. 

4. Kavita Channe

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    So who is this girl: University of Florida alum and one-time reality star Kavita Channe is a Miami-based television and radio personality who has refocused her career on sports broadcasting in recent years. 

    What kind of job are we talkin: It seems as though Ms. Kavita is following in the footsteps of another Gator, and national treasure, who took the sports world by storm years ago—Ms. Erin Andrews. 

    I'm thinking Kavita could hang with the pros at ESPN, but instead of doing the field reporting thing, I'd like to see her parked at a desk co-anchoring SportsCenter.

3. Rachel Glandorf McCoy

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    So who is this girl: All-American blonde Rachel Glandorf and Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy were college sweethearts—she was at Baylor while he was at nearby Texas. The Texas twosome were engaged in 2010 and married a year later. 

    What kind of job are we talkin: Well Mrs. McCoy has got sports credentials that extend beyond WAG. She worked as a sports reporter for a CBS affiliate back in Texas and may (or may not) be working for a local Cleveland outlet. She should probably just stick with something like that.  

    I'm thinking that Cleveland is not in the long-term plans for the couple since the Browns have been hesitant to commit to McCoy—which is fine because Rachel deserves a larger market. 

2. Jaime Edmondson

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    So who is this girl: This ravishing redhead is Jaime Edmondson, a Playboy model who has distinguished herself from the rest of the Playmate pack as Hugh Hefner's resident sports nut. 

    What kind of job are we talkin: Just recently Edmondson joined the WAG ranks by kicking it (officially) with Tampa Bay Rays third baseman Evan Longoria. Honestly, she's got a good thing going with Playboy and there's no need to give that up. 

    So I'm thinking she could moonlight doing promotional work for the talented, but attendance-challenged Rays. 

1. Maria Menounos

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    So who is this girl: Ms. Maria Menounos is a sometimes actress and journalist who is best known for her work as a correspondent for Today, Access Hollywood and Extra. She has also, on occasion, ventured into the world of WWE. 

    What kind of job are we talkin: She may fancy herself an actress, but Menounos is definitely more of a television personality than anything else. She's also a Boston sports fanatic who famously donned a Giants bikini in Times Square as part of a bet after her Patriots lost in the Super Bowl. 

    I'm thinking Menounos needs to ditch the land of celebrity gossip in favor of something in sports—anything really, homegirl can do it all.