NFL Trade Speculation: 6 Players Who Should Be Traded for Draft Picks

Gordon BlockContributor IIIApril 10, 2012

NFL Trade Speculation: 6 Players Who Should Be Traded for Draft Picks

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    With only a few weeks left before the NFL draft, there are plenty of teams looking to add some veteran skill before dipping into the rookie talent pool.

    While it may not be the most exciting way of building up a roster (and definitely not the cheapest), many teams will decide to fork over some draft picks in order to snag a coveted skill player. For a team looking to win right away, the moves could be the final piece necessary for a big run.

    Here are the six players who may find themselves traded for draft picks.

Matt Forte

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    Between injuries and contract arguments carrying over from last season, Matt Forte's future with the Chicago Bears is very much in doubt.

    That uncertainty was increased with the team's signing of running back Michael Bush, one of the league's most productive second-string rushers (a move that led to Forte venting publicly on Twitter).

    While the Bears insists they have made a good offer to Forte, perhaps the only thing prohibiting another team from making a move for the disgruntled back is the cost of getting him, which could be as much as a second-round pick.

Jonathan Stewart

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    With the signing of Mike Tolbert, the Carolina Panthers have an overabundance of running backs that could make Jonathan Stewart disposable (although team management is trying to dispel that notion).

    However, for teams that need some additional running back help, like the Pittsburgh Steelers or Denver Broncos, a second- or third-round pick could be a decent enough value for his services.

    The only issue after making a trade for Stewart would be to sign him to a longer-term deal since he's entering the last year of his current contract.

Osi Umenyiora

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    This may be the biggest stretch on this list, as both Osi Umenyiora and the New York Giants have said they want to join forces again in 2012. The bickering of last offseason, which included demands for a trade, appears to be over.

    Additionally, the loss of Dave Tollefson means the team has a lot less depth on the line, making Umenyiora even less dispensable.

    However, if they did want to get rid of Umenyiora, there's no doubt the Giants could get a second-round pick in exchange for his services.

Asante Samuel

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    Cornerback Asante Samuel doesn't want to stay with the Philadelphia Eagles, and the team doesn't want to pay his hefty salary and deal with the headaches he brings in 2012.

    In other words, he's a prime candidate to move out of town.

    However, teams may wait as close to the draft as possible in order to get a better deal for him. One analyst projected the Eagles could go for any deal involving a pick in the fourth round or better.

Bart Scott

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    This could be another deal made close to draft time. 

    New York Jets linebacker Bart Scott could be making more money playing away from the Meadowlands, and the team gave him permission to seek a trade.

    However, Jets head coach Rex Ryan said Scott will likely remain with the team in 2012.

    Either way, Scott could be worth as much as a third- or fourth-round pick if the team decides to ship him off.

Danny Amendola

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    While his 2011 season was a wash due to injury, St. Louis Rams wide receiver Danny Amendola could draw some interest from teams looking to add depth to their receiving corps.

    One such team is the New England Patriots, who some have speculated would bring Amendola in as a younger possession receiver in the Wes Welker mold. While the comparison may be a bit of a stretch, the move would allow them to save money and go younger with their receivers (at the cost of losing one of the game's best pass-catchers).

    However, the Rams would be very interested in keeping all possible receivers around, especially after losing star wide receiver Brandon Lloyd to the Pats.