Detroit Pistons Fans: The End Is All Too Near

David McClureCorrespondent IJanuary 21, 2009

I hate to admit it but...

I have officially lost hope for the Pistons.

I know, you are not a true fan if you're not there in the bad times. Well I'm here, I just call it like I see it. This team has been heading down the road to frustration for quite some time now and I think it finally caught up with them.

Coach Michael Curry has tried to play politician so far this year, but the discontent is there. The proverbial elephant in the room is right there in the middle of the locker room. The team is divided. Not as much as some, but divided none-the-less. There is a lack of leadership and a lack of continuity here that hadn't existed at this level before.

While Rodney Stuckey has shown signs that he can manage the game and make plays when they need it, he is not enough to win games for you, not in the playoffs. Rasheed Wallace still can't take games serious and keep his attitude in check. Rip Hamilton is not much better.

The Pistons have played uninspired ball for most of the season, only occasionally showing flashes of being a contender. And that's really just it. They could be divided, they could be figuring out their chemistry, they could be many things. The one thing they can't be is inconsistent. With the lack of quality leadership on this team I do not see how they can find consistency and make a run in the playoffs like years past.

Don't get me wrong, we are very fortunate to have a down year that we will be in the playoffs and have a shot in the first round, but by the Pistons' standards, round one isn't good enough. It's not what we expect out of the talent we have.

So there is always next year. Another draft pick and lots of free agent money to spend. The team will be very different next year and that is a great thing to me.